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This website is dedicated to promoting Authentic Tantra practices and workshops, Tantra teachers and Tantra therapists
. As Tantra is such a big subject and is mostly misunderstood it is better the Subject of Tantra is promoted in a conscious and informative way to the worldwide web. There is an abundance of information on Tantra across the web but it must be understood that Tantra is a tool and a practice that requires an open heart and an open mind. Off-course sex has to be included within this subject but at the heart of Tantra is energy, you could call it the energy of Love.

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Whether you’re looking to experience the world of Tantric massage for the first time, or have embraced Tantra as part of your own personal transformation – Tantralink therapists offer exceptional Tantra massage in London and across the UK and Europe. All therapists here have completed training in the principles of Tantric massage and practice Tantra meditation as part of their self-awareness and quest for spiritual wholeness. Dedicated to the transmission of Tantra through their practices and techniques including massage, all our therapists strive to achieve a healing of the body, mind and soul.

Spend some time clicking through the therapists offering genuine Tantric massage in London around the country and Europe and beyond. It is essential to form a connection with your therapist, and a deep link between body and mind can open up your soul to greater self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your body and energy flow. Tantric massage is a sharing experience, and many recipients of Tantra massages return for extended tuition and a greater understanding of the principles that form the foundation of the Tantra philosophies.

These massages can enable you to experience sensations and emotions at a much deeper level than you’ve previously felt, and our list of skilled practitioners will act as your guide through this journey of discovery. There is a wide range of approaches to Tantric massage so spend a little time clicking through our therapists, each one will practice Tantra in a way that’s personal to them, so taking a few minutes to find the one that ‘clicks’ with you is the first step towards your Tantric Awakening.

Experience Tantric massage in London and throughout the UK for yourself, your first session will introduce you to many of the techniques inspired by Tantra meditation, and you’ll find the intensity to be far more intimate and inspirational than a traditional massage. Take the first steps and book your massage today – we’re confident it will be just the beginning and perhaps even inspire you to book up for some wonderful workshops. Before looking for a therapist please take a look at this article written by Matthias Rose. A Tantric Bill of Rights.