There is no place of pilgrimage as fabulous and as open as my body, no place more worth exploring.”Christina

Siddha Saraha
In ‘Touching Enlightenment’ by Reginald Ray


I believe that life is full of opportunity to unfold our own unique potential and to live our own personal dream. I believe that our body is our most immediate temple, and that, if we follow our intuition with courage, we can discover a universe of pleasure and be guided to truth and inner peace.

I have worked in addiction counselling and coaching for many years and am just about to start a PhD in Psychology with the programs of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Segal, Williams & Teasdale, MBSR and MBCT, as my research interest. I am also a qualified yoga teacher.

In the tantric realm, I have trained with Shakti Tantra since 2005.

 Personal, genuine relationship is most important to me for my work. My sessions will therefore be tailored to your needs, but include:


  • Bespoke Sensual Tantric Massage: An invitation for you to be pampered and to truly receive. The slow, sensual work with erotic touch and sexual energy promotes deep connection, relaxation and long lasting release of endorphins.
  • Sacred spot massage
  • Rose and Thorn Massage: add a touch of adrenalin to your massage by exploring the edge of pleasure and pain. Telephone consultation required.
  • Sacred yoni and vajra healing rituals
  • Practice and instruction of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques


As our relationship progresses, we may explore various kinds of reciprocal touch and role play such as yin/yang, fantasy play, storytelling or dance.

I work from my beautiful temple in North West London, shower facilities available. My rates start at £100 per hour and the minimum session lasts for two hours.

I may also visit you at your hotel


To discuss further, or book a session, please contact me on:
 07795 895 775