James Stevenson offers various types of private sessions to both men and women.  All of these work through the medium of the body to help Tantric massage Edinburghus relax, get deeper into feelings and find more awareness and energy in our lives.

Drawing from a wide range of using techniques that include tantric massage, body de-armouring, hypnosis, ayurvedic massage, energetic and taoist healing techniques, private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. They are held in a really safe and nurturing space of love and acceptance allowing all of you (especially the more hidden parts that we may feel fear and shame around) to show up and integrate to really live an authentic life.

Coaching for both individuals and couples to help deepen intimacy and increase loving connection are also offered.

Call: 07795 422 664
Email: info@awakenlove.co.uk
Visit website: www.tantraedinburgh.co.uk