Jon Kendle

Out of the cold and fleeing dust that is never and always,
the silence and waste to come…

This arm, this hand,
my voice, your face, this love.
LITTLE COSMIC DUST POEM (1983) – John Haines

We are all interconnected, all the children of stardust. When we dream, the Universe dreams, when we sing, the Universe sings, when we Damon Birch. small jpglove, the Universe loves. This is one of the most profound lessons I have learnt during my Tantric journey.

During my journey I have learnt to let go, to enjoy the NOW and find my pleasure. My journey has taken me from Physicists to Tantra and I want to start you on that path to a life with more pleasure. I have trained with different practitioners over the years, most recently following the Shakti Tantra mixed program.

Along with tantra I have also studied Shibari, the art of Japanese rope bondage and have combined the two together, allowing people I work with to explore the nature and pleasure of submission. There is real pleasure in the feeling of being bound by ropes, letting go of your surroundings and finding yourself, while being held in an absolutely safe space and absolutely safely.

I now offer a service to allow women and men the chance to explore their own pleasure within the context of tantra, to experiment within the safe contain I hold for them. This can be as simple as an erotic touch massage, a Rose and Thorn Massage combining erotic touch with BDSM or something that delves into the nature of power play. As sessions continue they can then start to explore deeper into the nature and different aspects of pleasure.

I have also worked with some disabled clients, gaining an understanding of the different ways of working involved with various disabilities, finding ways to tie and give pleasure despite any restrictions the physical body may present.

“Despite having restricted movement in all my limbs and suffering from chronic pain Jon was able to find a way to tie me so I felt safe and held. His touch was then so gentle I slowly melted away, barely feeling the pain I normally get from my joints. Two hours of absolute pleasure”
KC – Surrey

I work in London and just outside Guildford, Surrey

If you want to know more, then contact me, 07437 336459