Katie Sarra is a healer working with Sacred Sexuality. Playful, generous and compassionate, Katie takes you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.  She invites you to connect with your love for yourself, free yourself from stuck patterns and open up to more love and intimacy.Tantric massage Devon

“You have opened up this path of enlightenment for me that has no bounds. I am truly on a wave of emotion and excitement at the same time, my body feels it wants and needs more of this; my mind is floating on and beneath the waves as I ride on a true exploration of seeking. I have started what seemed such a hard quest for so many years, but with your guidance I feel I can achieve so much more.”


Katie works with individuals and couples. Sessions generally begin with a consultation and typically last 2-3 hours. In each session Katie works with you to explore specific aspects you want to heal and areas in which you want to grow.

Some of the areas that Katie specializes in include:

  • Journey Into Pleasure: develop your capacity for pleasure and deepen your relationship with your body
  • Yoni / Vajra Healing: release your body’s emotional upsets and expand into more consciousness
  • Sexual Expression
  • Healing shyness
  • Lessons in pleasuring and how to be a better lover

Katie also paints individuals and couples erotically – you can find out more about her “Intimate Oils” at http://katiesarra.com/

Katie works with all genders and with people living with disabilities, supporting their birth right to be sexual and have relationships.

Katie offers sessions in Devon.

To find out more  please contact Katie directly:  katie@katiesarra.com 07540 571745