Kian de la Cour is a somatic sex coach, deep tissue body worker and Taoist Erotic Masseur who invites you to come into Tantric massage Devonyour body and experience deep acceptance of your erotic, innocent and authentic self. Kian draws on his extensive experience in tantra, bodywork and shamanic sexuality, having trained with some of the world’s leading edge teachers in conscious sexuality and sex coaching, since he started working professionally in 1994. He specializes in bringing you into an experience of yourself as vibrant, powerful, integrated, aroused and relaxed with his calm and grounded presence.
I always feel completely balanced after a massage from Kian. He possesses a beautiful combination of qualities – clear, sensitive, aware and present – and is a true healer. I would highly recommend him to both women and men”. Kavida Rei, author of Ultimate Erotic Massage.
Sessions are usually 2-3 hours long and may include:
  • Taoist Erotic Massage – designed to raise your energy and bring you into a felt experience of the wisdom of your body and your catalytic sexual soul force
  • Yoni, Lingham, and sacred spot massage
  • Sex coaching and personalized sex education to enhance your experience of partner and solo sex. This is also available via Skype
  • Guidance in conscious breathing
  • Lessons in pleasuring your partner
  • Exquisite anal massage, prostate massage and anal mapping
Kian works with people of all genders, sexualities and abilities as well as couples; in one-on-one sessions and sacred sexual massage workshops. He offers sessions in Devon and London as well as via telephone or Skype.
Kian’s intuitive response to my needs and ability to provide clear mirrors in which I can see my behavior more clearly have been instrumental in my continued forward movement. It has been, and continues to be, the greatest investment I have made in myself. I would highly recommend him”. L. J. Psychotherapist
Call Kian on 07952 469848 to find out more and book an appointment