*The Sexual Alchemist*

Rebecca is a catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening.Tantra teacher London

Using her innate, intuitive sense of sexuality along with formal training
and years of personal exploration, Rebecca is able to help you connect to
your sexuality, your sexual power, in deep and mysterious ways.

A Sexual Alchemy session will awaken a deeper aspect of your sexual self
than you have ever experienced before, so that it will flow through you for
your continued pleasure, health, wellbeing and expansion.

Whether you would like to find ways of accessing and being with your sexual
energy, or to heal past wounds, to explore new possibilities, learn new
techniques, or to expand your sexuality, Rebecca is very experienced in
creating a safe, sensual, warm, playful and deeply enriching space for you
to journey in.

Rebecca is passionate about helping people, particularly men, to transform,
heal and expand their ideas and experiences of sexuality.

Email: rebecca@thesexualalchemist.com