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Welcome to pleasure: May it ever unfurl.


In a world of dominance and consumerism, our human sovereignty and autonomy are under constant assault. Our wildness, erotic intelligence and unique expression have been domesticated, true pleasure substituted for empty promises of a future happiness afar.

If we want to reclaim our sexuality, our full, wild aliveness, we need to wiggle out of the confined spaces and belief systems of our civilization which have made us empty, tired and disheartened for so long,

Reclaiming pleasure and our capacity for soulful engagement and aliveness means freeing Eros, our powerful life force, in all its aspects.

Sexual energy is the driving force of the universe, constantly re-experiencing itself across all polarities, in a neverending dance of boundless interconnection.

We are vessels of consciousness in a human embodiment, and capable of great expansion and pleasure. Our hearts and our joy guide us safely, if we let them. Life is a mystery, an adventure, a journey, and always so infinitely much more than what we make it out to be.

All the possibilities are inherent.

Let’s embark.


My name is Naraya.

I accompany individuals and couples of all gender and sexuality expressions to deeply explore their own body, Eros, intimacy and life.

I work with and teach know-how from Tantra, Tao, Sexological Bodywork, Shamanism, different somatic approaches and other subversive healing modalities.

I have learned and explored with the International Institute of Sexological Bodywork in Switzerland, with the International School of Temple Arts ISTA, Jez Hughes at Second Sight Healing, Agama Thailand, John Hawken and Nhanga Grunow, keep studying and growing with the Diamond Lotus Berlin, Europe’s oldest Tantra Institute, and have sat with different tribes and plant medicine teachers.

My practice is client-centered, consent-oriented and trauma-informed.

My work fosters a spirit of authentic expression, curiosity and creative power, a space to journey under loving and non-judgmental guidance.

I love to share my passion for touch, connection, play and learning, my search for joy and truth, and want to contribute to a world where we can collectively reconnect to our full erotic wildness, love free from fear, and unfold our innermost individual essence.


Pleasure is medicine, and we are deeply ecstatic by nature.

I feel it is time for us all to step out and dare to come truly alive – to vibrantly, fully, shamelessly, lusciously and lovingly be ourselves, and celebrate our bodies, and our planet!

Welcome to the journey.

It’s a most rewarding one, and my honour to accompany you for a moment.


Tantric massage

A sensual-erotic, energetic-therapeutic journey to yourself, and into the fullness of your pleasure.

Tantric massage opens the heart chakra, sensitizes, heightens the awareness for subtle energies and deeply rejuvenates body and soul. Fears and longings, wishes and desires: Everything rises to the surface when we come into stillness and connection, and communion with ourselves. The gift of touch is an exquisite language, and an intuite magician.

Ritualistic and breathwork elements, augmented with connective techniques, create a space of deep reverence and vibrant presence, where you are honoured and held, and capacitated to unfold your very own ecstatic potential.

Available in durations from 1.5 to 4 hours.

Ejaculation is welcome, and celebrated, if it occurs in the natural flow, but not as a sexual service.

Alternatively, I offer an introduction and some techniques for ejaculatory choice (the Taoist practice of not ejaculating).
For couples or triads, it is my joy to create a bespoke version of the experience according to your desired dynamic, and I do allow the time and space for you to fully sexually connect with each other.

Red Tantra and ritualistic sexuality 

Releasing fears and inhibitions, clearing the emotional body and learning a sexual-spiritual practice:

Tantra involves harnessing the all-pervading erotic life energy and transmuting it into all aspects of our being, to practice living and loving from a deeply awakened sensuality, consciousness, creativity and in our full power.

The tantric way is free from societal taboos and allows us to question and experiment with everything.

Using heightened sexual bliss states together with deep heart opening, we find our own truths in every aspect of life.

Our hidden emotional and creative talents bud and blossom as we delve deep into personal dreams, understanding, self-acceptance, lust, reverence and ecstasy.

Tantric practice is timeless, undogmatic, and surprisingly playful.

It venerates our capacities for love as free, magnificent and multifaceted, only waiting to unfurl, in the neverending cosmic interplay of the energies of creation.

I invite you into an experimental space of lovingly accompanied learning.

We work with ritual elements, breath, visualisation, posture, sounds and the creation of sacred space.

You are received and held to explore your sensitivities, orgasmicness, potency, and the different aspects of your sacred inner feminine and masculine. We give way to direct experience, intuition, the voice of wisdom of the body and the truth of our awakening. We set a space and time for unfolding, and for timelessness – for an experience that is never scripted, always alive, ever-deepening and ever-expanding.


For tantric sessions, please arrange for a short phone consultation to discuss your intentions and previous experience.

Available in different formats for both individuals and couples.

Please note that I do not personally offer sexual union in any form. For sessions with couples, sexual union between clients and its process-oriented reflection are welcome as an integrative part of the session.


Yoni and lingam healing

Sacred spot massage (G-spot and prostate)

Deeply honouring sessions with slow, meditative touch and loving worship, in a ritualistic or purely somatic framework, to rediscover and reclaim the sacral zones of your anatomy.

We walk the landscape of your physical intimacy, reactivating stagnant points, awakening what is dormant, integrating the body’s memory and liberating stored emotions.

Intuitive and flowing strokes create a state of profound inner spaciousness and offer a trustful, sensual reconnection with yourself and the world.

You can feel reinvigorated, in full sensual presence, renewed, reawakened.

This intimate genital work may also help you better understand how you emotionally relate to the people you engage with sexually, and act as a visceral, nourishing reminder of your own erotic sacredness, its open portals, holds and boundaries.

Available as single sessions as well as a teaching modality to couples


Emotional release

We all have pieces and fragments of ourselves that we have pushed away and disowned, and emotions that were too painful for us to feel and be with. These suppressed emotions are like a veil on our reality, tarnishing our perception and lust for life, whilst hindering us from closeness and deep, fulfilling encounters.

Using our vital energy and mental resources to keep pushing away, internalizing and avoiding, we become blocked and fragmented, lose our innocence, aliveness and inner knowing of who we are and what we want.

We frantically keep moving away from – yet the only way out is through.

E-motions are energy in motion – if they can’t freely move through us, they get stuck, form thought patterns and body armour.

It is in the heart, genital and throat areas that the majority of our emotions are received and stored.

Mobilizing and expressing them through those pathways, in a safe environment, and in detachment of the stories we have formed around them, liberates a tremendous amount of life energy.

After thundering, burning, washing through us, this energy becomes freely available again, for our full aliveness, our full range of beingness redeemed.

I work with the 7 tools for emotional release as taught by the International School of Temple Arts, supported by inspirations and experience from other experiential, cathartic and therapeutic modalities.


Naked embodied listening


This is a space for you to share, confess, express and be deeply witnessed.

Whatever it is you have on your heart, I offer a fully confidential and safe space. We are both naked, you can speak, be in your own space or be held closely, if you wish it.

Being seen cleanses shame, guilt and the heaviness of carrying things on our own, and there is a deep healing quality of reverence in doing this naked.

Please note that this is a sacred space: Everything shared in it will stay in it and never go out, not even for supervision purposes.


Yin Yang massage

YinYang massage is a powerful fusion of techniques from eastern and western massage traditions such as Thai yoga massage, shiatsu, deep tissue, Polarity and the byzantine hammam tradition, working on your vitality and sexual energy through stimulation of different meridians and acupressure points, but with no sexual or genital touch (except for some trigger points on anal and pubic area).

It has a wide range of benefits, but is particularly recommended for accompanying transformational processes like yoga, tantra and psychotherapy.

In the context of my still ongoing training, sessions are available at a discounted rate, if booked as a series of 3.


Anal exploration and pelvic work

Culturally shamed and still widely erotically neglected, our bums hold a lot of tension, yet they contain great sexual and healing potential. Rosebud, rectum, pelvic floor and coccyx are highly erogenous zones and vibrant energy containers.

After external sensitization, experience gentle inter anal and/or intervaginal massage techniques to release and stimulate the musculature of the pelvic bowl, accompanied by guided breathing and awareness exercises (with or without explicit focus on the prostate for men): This exploration leads you deep into the release of some of your core holding, into rootedness, through surrender, or into gentle or very deep pleasure, if that’s where you want to go.


Self-love lab, masturbation coaching and orgasmic yoga

Our connection to ourselves is the foundation of our capacity for connection to the other, a fulfilled love life starts with the loving connection we nourish to ourselves.

Making space for joyousness and pleasure, on every level, in the everyday, brings beauty back into what we do,

and a powerful inner unfolding through the softness of giving the animal body what it likes.

I offer a safe space for curious body explorers to find new ways, be witnessed, get input, try out.

And further accompaniment if needed, for the seedling of the time you gift yourself in a session to sprout into a juicy regular practice. You are the person you will be spending the rest of your life with, and you are worth it!


The dialectics of love and growth – transformational and intimacy coaching

If we want to bring true joy and intimacy into our lives, and rescue essential values like truth, peace, friendship, solidarity, compassion, forgiveness, faith, wisdom, will and balance, we need to cultivate entirely new ways of relating to ourselves and each other. We need a new language, new forms of being,

The more we are willing to outgrow the old, and with it our need to fix and control things, the more space we make for the one thing we truly need in the process:


Presence is the holding container for true communication, and our greatest gift.

It is the alchemical element for shifting our energy. The more time we spend in it, the more space we create to support bringing ourselves and our relational field into alignment with our natural energetic state:

A state of deep peace, yet profound vivacity.

In this state, we experience seeing and being seen, with grace and clarity, as we gently and continuously lessen the grasp of our intermediary filters and habitual projections. We come in touch with our true nature, our innermost being, and that of the other, unfolding afresh in every new moment.

We come into true encounter.

We are able recognize the vulnerabilities and humanness we share. Our inconsistencies, paradoxes, doubts and conflicting desires lose their edge. Internalized figures of shame, blame and fear are replaced by a profound healing experience of natural compassion, in-touch-ness, touchedness, intimacy: In-to-me-see.

The heart softens, reflections become clear. We find a way home.

And the more we practice, the more ways we find.

Relating is pathfinding. I will be honoured to share, commune and discover with you:

With curiosity, sweetness, subject-to-subject consciousness, and in full, vulnerable and permeable presence.

For singles and couples

Also available on Zoom.


About me

Archetypally, I am an Artist, Witch, Lover and eternal Seeker at heart.

I have explored life’s width and breadth, and keep sharing what I learn.

My own journey in this body started in exile, with a lot of pain, extreme experiences and self-rejection. It is in the context of celebratory, intimate sex-positive community, in tribal circles and ceremonies and in loving relating that I have been able to do the crucial part of my emotional learning and somatic healing.

Life has taught me how universal the themes are that bind us in this human mystery – how we are much more similar than we are different, and how the state of the planet under the waging war against life, against ecosystems and human systems, is inseparable from the inner state of our bodies and relationships. The operating structures of the world and of our lives are not a given, but it takes great boldness, vulnerability and true strength to start following the whisper of our hearts, the whisper of our longing, of our true desire for wholeness and rightful expression.

Healing is a constant voyage of discovery, reconnection and remembrance, and we are simply not meant to do it on our own.

As a practitioner, my own karmic baggage, my shadows and scars, are the gold for my work with others. I know because I have been there.

Relating, whether in a client-practitioner or any other context, means seeing the me in you, and the you in me – in a space of witnessing, knowing, daring to feel the all-that-is deeply, reflecting each other truthfully and holding a loving space – from embodied truth, the heart, not from the mind.

To heal, we have to feel. Bring back the lost pieces of the children we once were and lovingly create the openness for what wants to be to emerge.

The world needs more liminal spaces outside of the operating structures, where we are safe to explore and express our humanness, together. To find back to our innate wildness and innocence. To be truly seen in our joys and pain, to share our ways and wisdom, and to cultivate powerful healing tools for reclaiming our fundamental right to be.


I am currently settling in a beautiful London base again, after a few years living as a nomad whilst studying tantra, shamanism, massage, dance, yoga, acro yoga and community building in different contexts across the globe, and some interruptions during pandemic times.

I am a work in progress and a masterpiece, with no pretense on completion in any sense.

It is my hope and faith that I can bring more of the work that matters to my heart out to the world, out into the city, and be of service with what I have learned.

The joys of love and freedom are immense, and this other world is possible.

We can gently start creating it in our own little circle, every space we consciously inhabit and embrace – and extend it from there.

It is my pleasure to meet and share with you.

To a wondrous journey – to the mystery of being human.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – in honour of all my relations. <3

To discuss arranging a session, please introduce yourself either by email to erosandsoma@gmail.com, 

or by calling me on 07519 561 364.


I look forward to hearing from you.

With love and blessings.

Services & Offerings

I work in a bespoke way, offering pay-as-you-go sessions, rituals, packages and day retreats, online and in-person, on a sliding scale.
Feel free to get in touch to arrange for a complimentary clarity call to discuss your situation and the possibilities of working with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Intro to tantra and tantric massage
Intro to tantra and tantric massage