Kai Helmich
I am foremost a seeker of wisdom and alchemy, a soul guide, mentor, and passionate Somatic Coach, Educator and Sexological Kai Helmich (2)Bodyworker. I live for an ever expanding ability to be intimate by opening up to my own vulnerability, to feel the deep connection of love, belonging and being connected to something bigger; to spirituality – the great mystery of life. I focus on 3 transformative ingredients: 1. Love, 2. Power and 3. Pleasure.
How I help my clients:

As a Soul Guide, Mentor, Therapist and Coach I concentrate on the emotional body as a priority and then add bodywork modalities to deepen embodiment and create somatic learning experiences for the purpose of healing, transformation and expansion, however I do not offer those services as such to new clients that are seeking purely bodywork experiences as a stand alone service. As a Relationship, Intimacy and Sexuality Coach I belief in creating new reference points and healthier ways of relating to one and another by holding space and giving time to create a container of safety, non-judgement, mutual understanding, trust and a sense of unconditional love/ compassion, for the truth (hidden pain or untapped pleasure) to be seen, to be felt, to be expressed and to be released no matter what. For clarity, boundaries and consent reasons I conduct all my sessions using one-way touch only, for most bodywork sessions a massage bench is used, I am fully dressed at all times and wear gloves for intimate touch.

I am passionate about education. People’s lives can change by the choices they make, depending on what information, knowledge and tools they have at their disposal at a certain time. Sadly I have not met a single person that has received adequate conventional and “un-conventional” education when it comes to sexuality, relationships, intimacy or spiritual growth.


I develop an intuitive feeling or picture for a person’s state of being, through asking a lot of questions (at least initially) and reading inbetween the lines for some clues of what actual experience, occasion or environmental circumstance caused the stress factor (fear, shame, guilt, pain, suffering, resistance, blockages, disassociations) in the mind, the energetic, emotional and physical body. When rapport has been build, trust established and the client feels safe, to be fully seen and heard; unconditionally, only then truth can be spoken out, the pain, disappointment, grief, etc. be felt and the emotional charge can be fully expressed and released to reclaim parts of the subconscious.


Even though I do not offer sexual services as such, pleasure is an important part of my offerings. Pleasure is maybe the most potent healer in the human psyche. It uses arousal and excitement to raise awareness and transform trauma into pleasure.

Pleasure in our body creates a potent chemical cocktail of oxytocins, endorphins and DMT, all responsible for making us feel good, ecstatic and happy. The liberation of our sexual needs and desires is instrumental of getting to know freedom! All that we need to do is to let go off shame, guilt and fears around our sexuality, learn how to surrender fully to receiving pleasure (from ourselves -mindful masturbation- and from others), increase our capacity to prolong ecstatic periods of arousal and excitement and to re-connect our genitals with our hearts.

Before pleasure can be fully and safely experienced, each one of us has to become self responsible and take care of their own needs, desires and limitations of play. Before any kind of bodywork session is planned I teach my clients how to communicate clearly at all times in all aspects of sexual relating, to speak out of what they want … and what it is that they don’t want, how to stay present, to negotiate mutual consent, set boundaries and discuss limitations!

I went to see Kai for two sessions as I had been struggling with intimacy and sexuality for all my life and finally wanted to dig deeper to see the roots of my issues but even more so to find some tools to help me deal with them in a new and healthier way. From the moment I met Kai, I felt completely safe and accepted. I felt I could trust him with my emotions and with my body and just knew that he would be able to support me in my struggles. And he did indeed. What I liked best about the sessions was his authenticity, combined with a very strong intuition as to what I needed in order to connect with how I felt and to start a healing process. He didn’t seem to have a certain ‘plan’ for the session but instead completely tuned into me and went with the flow. It felt very natural and things just unfolded as they needed to as a result. I also appreciated him sending me home with great tools to continue what we started in the session. I will definitely see Kai again for further healing work in the future and would recommend him to anyone wanting to connect with their true self’s and seeking personal development and/or healing. N from Dublin

​For further information about Kai and the services he offers​, please visit: www.kaihelmich.com or contact him via e-mail: helmichk@gmail.com