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Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Coach Yorkshire and Northumbria

A Sexological Bodywork session will teach you skills to transform your relationship with your sex life with yourself and with others.  The modality of Sexological body work has the potential to develop your full sexual potential and raise your confidence by giving you new skills to tap into.

Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex coaching creates a base line structure which will allow you to begin to fully understand your sexuality better, improve your sex life, deepen your experience of pleasure and facilitate in healing your sexual wounds.

Sexological Bodywork sessions include a host of different modalities such as one way touch, movement, sound, organic yoga, and scar tissue radiation to name only few of the wide ranging tools available.

Through offering sexological bodywork sessions I will support you in learning how to connect with your body sensations and exploring really want and how to ask for it.

I am trained to uncover blockages to your pleasure and release you from them freeing you into expanded pleasure awareness. I work with shame fear and guilt the biggest blockages to pleasure and undo the restraints of inadequate sexual education, religious dogmas and mixed cultural messages about sexuality.

As a certified somatic sex educator I can help you reframe and cultivate your true erotic nature by connecting you with your desires and empowering you with boundaries.

As part of a Sexological bodywork session I will use body based exercise and practices to integrate new generative approaches to pleasure and fulfilment which will break through the barriers that inhibit your full expression of pleasure available.

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Who is Sexological Bodywork for?

Sexological bodywork is for anyone who is interested in deepening their experience if their own erotic self. I truly believe everyone can benefit from a sexological bodywork session or series of sessions as very few of us are fully embodied in having the type of sex and relationships we truly desire.

There are many reasons to seek the help from a professional and everyone has their own personal reason but here are just a few areas where a Sexological body work session or sessions can really help.

  • You would like to learn how to give and receive pleasure
  • You want to expand your awareness of pleasure
  • You have scar tissue and nerve damage that is effecting your pleasure.
  • You want to address erectile dysfunction
  • You want to commit to a self pleasure program to develop your own self pleasure
  • You want to connect to yourself and your desires
  • You want to explore anal pleasure
  • You want to discover new techniques and skills
  • You want to develop your confidence with intimate relationships
  • You want to learn your own body and discover yourself as a sexual being
  • You have a desire to explore anal pleasure
  • You want to explore your what’s stopping you feeling the pleasure you would like
  • You want to be responsible for your own pleasure
  • You want to change relationship habits
  • You want to overcome sexual anxiety
  • You want to gain sexual confidence
  • You want to overcome body issues
  • You want to learn how to recognise and set health boundaries
  • You want to learn how to ask for what you want both sexually and emotionally
  • You have confusion around sexual orientation
  • You want to learn or are seeking advice around kink and BDSM practices


Training & Experience

I have a range of skills and training in the fields of Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Bodywork, Tantra, Kahuna, Breathwork and Shamanic Healing. I am a Professional Member of The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists (ASIS).

I have studied and trained with many of the pioneers and leaders around the world in each field of my practice;

  • International School of Tantric Massage – Somananda
  • Somatic Sex Coaching and Certified Sexological Bodyworker – Joseph Kramer
  • Urban Tantra Professional Graduate – Barbara Carellas
  • Spirit Dance Breathwork – Peggy Dylan
  • The Shamans Path Stephen Mulhearn
  • Kahuna Bodywork – Metter Sorensen

Each Sexologcial bodywork session is co created and I work with you and your body to reconnect to your pleasure at no point will you have to do anything that you do not want to do and there is no expectation for you be undressed beyond your personal limitations.

Services & Offerings

A Sexological Bodywork session may include, yet is not limited to

  • Sensual and educational body work
  • Listening and Reflecting
  • Energy and Intimate bodywork
  • Setting intentions
  • Masturbation and mindful self pleasure coaching
  • Being witnessed in erotic states
  • Anatomy mapping of your unique arousal and sensations including connecting with numbness
  • Therapeutic kink for psychological, energetic and somatic healing connecting
  • Understanding and practicing boundaries and consent
  • Receiving consensual touch
  • Getting in touch with your desires
  • Orgasmic Yoga
  • Scar tissue remediation
  • Genital Pleasure Mapping
  • Orgasm Coaching
  • Emotional Release tools
  • Boundaries and consent finding your yes and no
  • Breath work
  • Body Pleasure mapping
  • Deamouring
  • Genital Mapping
  • Body Memory
Sexological bodyworker Northumbria

Please do contact to discuss your individual requirements and I will tailor a session or series of sessions created to meet your needs.


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