If you are thinking of becoming a customer or even advertising here at Tantralink and live in the London area, you will find that the competition for offering tantric massage services is growing by the day. Everyone now seems to offer this service, when just a few short years ago it would frequently be called exotic, sensual massage services or alike. The problem is how do you sort out what is a genuine Tantra bodywork service and what is just an expensive pleasurable experience. What you will notice is that almost all these Tantric massage centers in London and especially central London are promoting massage services by women between the age of 22 and 28 and are all attractive looking with typically attractive figures. Nothing wrong with that obviously but how many of these women do you think have a daily meditation practice? It’s essential to being a good practitioner, How many of them have studied the sacred texts on tantric massage or attended teachings with workshops offering authentic techniques of bodywork such as Tandava. Kashmiri Tantric massage or even Latihan meditation. The answer is difficult to say but I suggest if you want to find a genuine Tantric massage practitioner and experience you might want to search here first at Tantralink for this website is built and run for the purpose of offering genuine Tantra experiences and practices. Here you will find something more tangible than an erotic sensual experience from a pretty young lady that charges a substantial fee for their time. If you want to know more contact me ideally at andrew@tantralink.com


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