Tantra Teaching



Welcome, with my work as Tantra teacher and Psychosexual Coach I am manifesting all I have learned through 7 years of my Tantric and therapeutic practise working with Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, Somatic body work and Psychosexual therapy.

what I would like manifest with my work as offer to you to help you mainly…

  • Bring you more of self-awareness to improve your self-confidence especially in intimacy 
  • Increase sensation in your body that helps you to contain and enjoy sexual energy 
  • Teach you skills and tools you understand your body signals and behavior patterns and feel comfortable in intimate situations
  • Teach you to express and own your boundaries, needs and desires to create good choices 
  • Release shame and guilt about your body and sexuality
  • Work with your womanhood, manhood to get better as lover


In my Tantric coaching bodywork, I cannot work with people who had some deep trauma. Please be aware of it. 


For more information please read my web 



I am here for people who are interested to deepen and to learn Tantric approach to develop healthy strong and sensual connection with their body, mind and sexual energy. All in safe


My intention and wish is to help you to improve your life, help you to know yourself better, to teach you and let you understand that “ All you need to feel good about to enjoy your life is within you. You are awesome beautiful sexual being and you are your own resource of pleasure and joy. I am here as your guide to invite you on to your journey.


Psychosexual Coaching is £60 hour and it can combine with tantric bodywork

I offer a package of 1 hour of sex coaching and 1 hour of bodywork for £150 ( to them who look for help and wish you bring effort to work on their sexual intimate life. )


if you have questions or you want to book your session please contact me on phone

07704 903 787 or email slowsexuality@gmail.com



I offer safe space for your self-exploration, where you can improve how you relate to your body, energy, sexuality and emotions and transfer your life through opening to pleasure and enjoy owning your sexual energy within you. All is about safe exploration and integration.