Tantric massage Surrey

I see the realm of joy and pleasure.

I’ve lost myself in it
and it has lost itself in me:
No religion,
No dogma,
No conformity,
No guilt,
No shame,
No fear,
No conviction,
No uncertainty remains.

In the middle of my heart,
a star appears,
and the seven heavens
are lost in its brilliance.


Becky has a great mix of professionalism with a warm open heart.  I felt safe from the moment I arrived for the session. I’ve learned so much about my self in just one day. Thank you (Robert, 51)

I was confident in all areas of my life except sex. Working with Becky has turned my life around, I feel so much more comfortable with myself and now feel ready to start dating again. (James, 35)


My husband and I were stuck in a rut with our sexuality, not anymore! (Clare 29 and Steve 33)


Tantra is a tool that gives us respect and honouring for the pleasure and insights our bodies can give us. Using ritual and bodywork Tantra can open up new worlds of pleasure, wholeness and satisfaction.

I offer appointments to men, women and couples that allow you to feel comfortable in your pleasure and joy in your body. Through tantric pleasure and healing ceremonies, your body can become more alive and increase your sensual pleasure in all areas of your life.
I have been studying and practicing Tantra since 2003 and am currently a mentored teacher with Shakti Tantra (www.shaktitantra.co.uk) .
I have also completed the Certificate of Sexological Bodywork Professional Training
I am a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner and can help if you have areas of physical pain or discomfort that are getting in the way of your pleasure.
My sessions are always tailored to the individual but include;
Learning to be in choice.
Because we aren’t taught about sexuality, many of us can develop concerns about our ‘performance’ and this detracts from our pleasure.
  Increasing body awareness.
Using meditation, breathing and mindfulness we can become more aware of the sensations of our body and open ourselves to an expanded world of pleasure.
•  Building trust and intimacy.
Building good communication is vital for a healthy sexuality. I use a number of techniques and exercises to lay the ground-work to enable true intimacy both with ourselves and partners.
•  Breathing and movement.

By using our breath and movement we can learn to expand our sexual pleasure throughout our bodies.
•  Choice about orgasm and ejaculation
For many of us concern about our ability to orgasm or fears around timing of ejaculation mean we are unable to really enjoy our pleasure. I use a range of techniques to support clients in regaining their choice and being able to once again focus on the pleasure aspects of their sexuality.
Trauma release
Our bodies tell the story of our lives. Everything that has ever happened to us becomes reflected in the way we are able to feel pleasure. Sometimes that trauma is obvious following sexual abuse or major surgery and sometimes it is less obvious for example, having sex when we didn’t really want to or perhaps a long-forgotten injury. Over time our bodies can respond with pain or numbness both of which take us away from pleasure.
Using massage and long practised healing techniques these traumas can be released allowing our bodies and our minds to be present to the pleasure available to us here and now.
Developing a personal practice.
Many of us carry shame around masturbation or simply see it as a ‘way to release’. Yet spending time with our own bodies is deeply rewarding and fulfilling. The more we touch and understand our own bodies the more we are able to share our pleasure with others.
There are a number of techniques that can be taught to transform tension releasing masturbation to mindful & fulfilling self-pleasuring. This can transform our concept of sexuality and aide us in developing healthy relationships with others.

To see how we might work together please book a complimentary discovery call at  consciousbliss.co.uk/book/

You can also find details of workshops I teach at on shaktitantra.co.uk