Tantra Teacher

Elaine Young BSc MSc CSB ~ London
Tantra, Somatic Sexology & Shamanic Facilitator


‘Elaine is an open hearted, deeply intuitive facilitator with a strong space holding capacity’
What attracted Elaine to this work?

“The exploration of this work as part of my own healing journey following a life altering grief event, revealed to me how Tantra, Shamanism and Breathwork could be a portal to personal transformation, healing, power and freedom. I now love to share these gifts with others. I was medical diagnostic scientist in direct patient care for 20 years. I brought my scientific skills (including a healthy dose of cynicism and skepticism) alongside my experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to my current transformational healing & wellness practices.”
Website www.thetantricshaman.com
Email tantraey@gmail.com

Training & Experience

Elaine’s skills and training range across the fields of Somatic Sexology, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra , Breathwork and Shamanic Healing. She is a bodyworker, coach, educator, facilitator and guide. Elaine is a Professional Member of The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists (ASIS).

She has studied and trained with many of the pioneers and leaders around the world in each field of her practice;
Somatic Sex Coaching & Certified Sexological Bodyworker – Joseph Kramer
Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator – Linda Starwolf
Tantra Educator/Teacher Training CTE Level 1 – Charles Muir
Urban Tantra Professional Graduate – Barbara Carellas
ISTA – Andrew Barnes, Bruce Lyon and Janine MacDonald

One to One Sessions

Elaine has a private practice based in London and sessions are tailored to your needs. She acts as a guide and bodyworker supporting clients to navigate issues they wish to resolve, to let go of conditioning, to increase their sexual energy and pleasure, to release pain or trauma, to connect to their emotional body, to heal past wounds and to come back to a place of wholeness. One to one sessions with clients can be via skype or in person. Email tantraey@gmail.com.

Elaine is an experienced group facilitator of sexuality, shamanic and spirituality based workshops, intensives and rituals. Her events range from evening classes, one and two day workshops to 7-day intensive immersions. Elaine travels regularly to other parts of the UK and overseas. She often co-teaches with Catherine Hale and her partner Kai Helmich.
Recent Events

• Full Body Orgasm Weekenders
• Meeting the Goddess Women Group
• Mindful Self Pleasuring & Orgasmic Yoga Evening & One Day Format
• Naked 3 Circles Ritual
• Shamanic Breathwork Journeying
• Week Long Transformational Intensives (ISTA)
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience SSSEx (ISTA)
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation SSSIn (ISTA)
Lead Faculty
As a Lead Faculty member of The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Elaine leads a team of 3 international facilitators to deliver the week long ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience in the UK and Overseas.

London Meet Up Groups
Elaine runs a number of lively and successful meet-up groups in London.

Overseas Events & Festivals
Elaine has facilitates events in regularly in London, she has also facilitated events in Austria, Lanzarote, Ireland and Scotland. In 2016 Elaine will be teaching in Poland, Israel, and Ibiza. She had presented at leading sexuality festivals including Bliss Festival Ireland , Eden Festival New Zealand and UK’s Conscious Sexuality Festival Osho Leela.

Radio Interview
Elaine speaks about Mindful Self Pleasuring http://tinyurl.com/hbdcamx


3 Circles Ritual

‘The three circles ritual is an incredibly enriching and powerful experience. Elaine and Kai create a safe and non-judgemental space where you are encouraged to enjoy yourself. You have nothing to fear and you will have fun.’

‘Its a wonderful way of shame removal. A celebration of self pleasure with a great feeling of liberation. Thoroughly recommend working with Elaine and Kai. These people guide us through something which can be very challenging. They accomplish this with sensitivity, wisdom and great humour. I am personally grateful to both these souls bravely leading the way serving people with healing and permission.’
“this was a heartfelt and intimate event that for me pulled together mind , body and spirit in a union of non judgmental pleasure/ecstasy and helped me to challenge inner critiques of competition, angst at public nudity, etc….”

Full Body Orgasm Weekender
“Amazing workshop. Exceeded all expectations…Felt totally safe
thanks to the facilitators and everyone in the group. Deep release, healing and pleasure!! Thank-you.” Lily

“It was all kinds of awesome! Thank you for holding the space so I could just be where I was. I could be in my soft vulnerable feminine & then explode with all my energy. “

“Extremely useful workshop for anyone looking to expand their horizons sexually. The workshop was facilitated beautifully with respect and love for all of us in the room. I learnt many many wonderful and useful things that I will be taking with me in the next part of my journey.”

Shamanic Breathwork

“Hi Elaine just to say thank you for the Shamanic breathwork workshop where I now understand that my journey was indeed an initiation. A reminding of the souls many gifts. It was a missing link. I thank you for agreeing to pass down the knowledge to help souls find their path.”

“My individual session with Elaine was simply extraordinary. I have done quite a lot of shamanic journeying in the past, mostly with the drum. Although I enjoyed these journeys, I always struggled to let go of my mind in these sessions and go deeply into the shamanic realm. By contrast, the combination of Elaine’s loving attention and the powerful breathwork enabled me to relax my mind and travel fully during my session. The experience was healing, visual and transformative; and its effects continue to ripple through my system a few weeks later.”
London Faerie

“Her smooth guidance eased me deep into inner worlds, allowing me to touch places I rarely get to go. The rich positive effects are still with me, months later. There is a deep mutual trust she evokes in/with people.”
Randy R./ Ireland

“Your knowledge and confidence gave everyone permission to relax and truly let go into their own deep processes. This was a large group of people and that takes deep ability and much practice to hold that space. I’d recommend your facilitation without hesitation.”
Lynn.Tantra Educator