Tantra teacher Milton Keynes

Tantra Academy


Jennifer Surch: Founder of the IIOT UK since 2006 rebranded in 2021 into ‘The Academy Of Modern Tantra’

Over 2 decades of experience training in and teaching Tantra.

Tantra Teacher,  Sexologist, Life Coach, Mindful Coach, Counsellor, NLP Practitioner & much more please see for full profile https://www.academyofmoderntantra.co.uk/founder

I work with women or couples on a private basis, so drop me a line if you wish for a bespoke package.

Worldwide accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

We offer a life-changing Neo-Tantra Practitioner Training.

The training is in 4 Modules, a program you will learn and then be able to market directly to your clients or personalize incorporating your own gifts.

You can also once experienced, train as a Tantra Teacher Trainer and build your own team with a shared goal of spreading Global Healing.

You will get a 230 page manual for home study, along with 3/4 days of hands-on intensive training.

For full course content please see www.academyofmoderntantra.co.uk

On completion of the course you will be certified in Levels 1,2,3  there is also an optional level 4 the business module. The business module covers websites, accounting, SEO, advertising, Telephones, and all you need to know to run your own business.

Turn your passion into your career.

This program is focused on the spiritual and sacred elements of Tantra and can be used in any salon or spa, yoga instructors, nurses, anyone can learn and benefit from this program.