Authentic Tantra teacher

Shakti Elara and Jon Gosling Bio’s

Our mind, or others, may ask, “Who am I?”  Tantra invites one to choose who one wishes to be.  One often experiences the feeling that there is something more to life than one is currently experiencing.  The good news is that there usually is!  One of the definitions of Tantra is expansion, expansion into experiencing more of life, not just in one’s mind but in our heart, sex and spirit – our totality of being.  Our invitation to you is to experience life more fully.

Our teaching philosophy, which is neo-tantric, is centered around choice, choice of what you want in your life.  We are not gurus/authority figures but people with learning, experiences and practices who facilitate your choices of getting from life what you want.  We support your own growth by promoting your own autonomy.  We encourage you to encounter the should’s and shouldn’ts that may have been part of your upbringing and are now part of your experience and enquire if they still align with who you are?  We invite you to explore if you wish to change this.

We bring a variety of experiences to our offerings from corporate change management to tantric philosophy, from the concepts of the mind to the wisdom of the body, from holding back sexual expression to finding one’s truth with it.

We see this as your journey to find your truth and ultimately find a deeper love and appreciation for yourself to live life more fully.  We would be honored to walk this path with you.

We are part of the teaching faculty of John Hawken’s The Paths of Transformation, which weaves together strands of tantra, shamanism and bioenergetic teachings.  We are both Certified Sexological Bodyworkers and energy healers.  Between us we are qualified as Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Part of the teaching faculty of UK & Portugal Sexological Bodywork Training, Certified in Psychosexual Somatics and Somatic Trauma Training with Babette Rothschild.

Together we teach Transformational Tantra Massage, currently in the UK: Transformational Tantra Massage Training – Connect with Your Aliveness

We have also co-founded of Sacred Light Tantra, Sacred Light Community and The Pathways Studio, Manchester, UK

Our events can be found at: Tantra Workshops and Upcoming Events – Sacred Light Tantra

Here are what some of our attendees have said about our events:

“I learnt that tantra is far more than I thought it is, not just about sex, as hyped up to be.

How I relate to myself, and the world. It is what you want it to be, without expectations, a very personal thing, encouraged to be that, not being brainwashed.

I discovered how hard it is to ask for what I want and for the weekend had time to explore this.

Jon & Elara both have a lot of experience. Felt very open, held, safe, throughout.

Don’t be afraid of what you think tantra is, you’ll …be surprised.”  Ange


“I deeply appreciated this week with skilled facilitators and willing, caring participants. The massages are involving, revealing and enlightening and not what you might think as massage is a broad term to express our connection to heart, spirit, body and energy. I felt both safe and enlivened and this restoring week helped me to reconnect to my true nature of joy and power.  I felt seen and heard in the spacious holding and we also covered a lot of content:  not only massage structures, also understanding holding the complexities of life, seeing old patterns, making different choices.  I’d really recommend this course if you want to understand more about the life-changing potential for Tantra Massage and to be connected with an amazing group of people.” 

Alison Pilling, Intimacy Coach.


I’ve been on several events and course run by Jon and Elara. Unfailingly they are run with immense integrity and care – you are not “taught” but instead learn by doing and experiencing. Transformational Massage really lives up to the title. The course was intense and, dare I say it, transformative. I came away with energy flowing freely and strongly, a renewed sense of self, and a greater ability to be “in the flow” and present.

A, Participant