Tantra Teacher in the UK

Creator of “Tantric Surrogate Therapy”, “Venustantra” workshops for women exploring themselves with other women and the “Ultimate Lover Intensive” workshops for men who wish to understand, meet and satisfy women deeply.


Padma Deva is an internationally renowned expert on sexuality, sexual surrogacy, tantra, conscious relationships and intimacy. Her work has been featured among others in the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Metro, Grazia and Soho. She has been interviewed as an expert on tantra, sexual healing, bdsm and relationships by several BBC (UK) and international radio programs and podcasts.


Padma Deva is a trained Surrogate Partner, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Tantra teacher, NLP Practitioner and Coach who has been involved in personal development for 20 years and in Tantra and Surrogacy for over 12 years, making her one of the most experienced practitioners and experts in the field today.


Committed to integrity and lifelong learning and growth, Padma Deva is always her own first guinea pig. She continues to research and explore conscious relationships as a path of personal development and healing, dedicated to discover and share knowledge that works in creating functioning, fulfilling, connected and passionate relationships. Padma Deva weaves together ancient and modern teachings and methods with her own insights and experience to create maximum transformation, effectiveness and efficiency for her clients. She is passionate about facilitating powerful growth and learning experiences through pleasure, joy and presence.


Her offerings:

In her unique “Tantric surrogate therapy” programs, Padma Deva teaches single men, women and couples how to overcome sexual functioning issues, increase intimacy, restore confidence and create the conscious, fulfilling, passionate relationships they desire. She integrates modern sex therapy principles with ancient tantric methods to create some of the most effective sexual healing and development programs available that address issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile issues, lack of confidence and/or sexual experience, low libido, inability to orgasm, fear of intimacy, performance anxiety and trauma. (See www.tantricsurrogate.com for more information on her sexual healing programs)


The Ultimate Lover Intensive” workshops were created in response to many client requests for teachings on how to understand, meet and satisfy women deeply in order to bring out the best in them. Within 3 days, Padma teaches her groups of amazing men:

  • what women really want, need and desire
  • how to create desire through sensual leadership
  • how to satisfy women emotionally and sexually and how to create passionate relationships in which both men and women thrive.
  • Each day gives room for live coaching and Q&A, ensuring that no question about women remains unanswered, leaving participants confident about their relationships with women in and out of the bedroom.

(See www.ultimatelovertraining.com for more information)


In her Venustantra workshops, Padma Deva creates a space for women, who wish to explore themselves with other women.

  • In her “Goddess within retreat series” the focus is on fostering wholeness through exploring and integrating the many different archetypal facets of the sacred feminine (maiden, lover, mother/creatress, wise woman).
  • In the “Polarity intensive series“, the focus is on exploring the polarity of opposites within and externally to increase passion, vitality and balance (yin/yang, giving/receiving, inner masculine/inner feminine, leading/following).
  • All of Venustantra’s workshops are suitable for women who like women or who for whatever reason feel safer exploring in all female tantra groups.

(See www.venustantra.com for more information on tantra workshops for women)


Padma also collaborates with select male tantra teachers in co-facilitating couples tantra trainings in the Osho tradition when her schedule allows.


She is offering training in her own healing modality of “Tantric surrogate therapy” to women wishing to become “tantric surrogates” or those who simply want to learn how to bring out the best in the men in their lives. The next intake for her yearlong “birthing your man” program is planned for March 2018. See www.birthingyourman.com for more information.


If you would like to work with or learn from Padma Deva, host her for a workshop, talk or conference or would like to interview her you can contact her via email on:




List of upcoming events/ trainings:


Ultimate Lover Intensive workshop (3 days):

London, UK planned for November 2017

South America tour planned for Winter 2017/2018

India dates provisionally planned for December 2017


Venus tantra:

Polarity intensive series Part 1: Desire & Emotion, Brighton, UK: October 19-22 2017 (Thu-Sun)

Goddess within retreat Part 1: Lesbos, Greece: October 2017 tbc


Birthing your man (Prerequisite for practical Tantric surrogate training or stand alone):

Exact dates and locations (around Europe) tbc

Module 1: March 2018

Module 2: May 2018

Module 3: August 2018

Module 4: October 2018