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Sexual Alchemy Programs For Men


“Wow, what can I say? Two sessions in and I can already see that my life will never be the same again. I feel like I’m starting to let go of my many masks and a space is opening up to let me be me. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something so real and so beautiful that it is hard to describe with words. Even though I have only met you twice I feel very safe and loved when I am with you…not a place I’m in very often.” 

Do you feel stuck, afraid, alone, low in confidence?


Wondering why pleasure, connection and intimacy haven’t quite happened for you as you’d like?


Are you ready to radically transform your life and your sex life?


Having a good relationship with your sexual self is the foundation for everything else in your life. How you feel about yourself as a sexual being informs your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


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Sexual Alchemy Programs are for you if you want to


  • Be more confident both in and out of the bedroom
  • Get started on or back to your sexual journey
  • Explore and know the fullness of who you are
  • Get and maintain better erections
  • Last longer in bed
  • Deepen your experiences of pleasure and intimacy
  • Have choices about when or how you orgasm or ejaculate
  • Learn about good boundaries and consent practices
  • Understand intimacy and pleasure more expansively
  • Feel seen, heard, acknowledged and accepted
  • Clear fear, shame, guilt and conditioning
  • Heal trauma
  • Explore conscious or sacred sexuality
  • Clear whatever is in the way of you having the sex life you long for


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Benefits of a Sexual Alchemy Program

  • Totally transform your sex life and relationship to sexual pleasure
  • Awaken and embody your Full Sexual Self
  • Experience yourself as a powerful sexual being
  • Own your sexual energy and wear it comfortably in the world
  • Feel confident and empowered – in the bedroom and beyond!
  • Expand your ideas and experiences of pleasure
  • Increase vitality and prolong pleasure
  • Increase joy and contentment with life
  • Create better overall health, wealth and happiness
  • Discover self-worth and self-love
  • Celebrate & enjoy yourself as a sexual being
  • Heal erectile dysfunction and deal with ejaculatory issues
  • Affirm your sexuality as a source of joy and happiness
  • Heal past wounds and explore new areas of sexuality
  • Let go of fear, shame and guilt and release stress & trauma


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Imagine waking up every day feeling confident, alive and energised.


Imagine feeling empowered in your masculine presence and energy.


Imagine a life full of pleasure, sensuality and erotic intimacy.


This and more is waiting for you!



Tantra teacher Gloucester

Meet Rebecca


 Rebecca is an expert in men’s sexuality, self-awareness and personal/spiritual development. She is the author of 101 Meditations for Life, Business and Bedroom Success and the host of The Sexual Alchemy Podcast.



My greatest pleasure and joy is witnessing you realising how magnificent, powerful, sensual and sexual you really are.


From our first moments together, when you are perhaps a little uncertain and nervous, to watching you open, blossom and bloom in ways you might not have imagined possible for you – this is what I live for.


My gift is being able to see and feel who-you-really-are underneath all of the conditioning, shame and fear that life tends to burden us with.


I can see and feel your beautiful, masculine, sexual self and it’s my absolute delight to help you awaken him, breathe life into him and live your life from this powerful place.


I’ve spent over 25 years in the healing, personal/spiritual development world, the last 15 of which have been specifically focused on awakening men to their true erotic nature.


If you are ready for a deliciously deep journey into your soulful, sexual self, I would love to expertly, lovingly and playfully guide you on your way.



Email: rebecca@rebeccalowrie.com


Website: www.sexualalchemy.com

Podcast: The Sexual Alchemy Podcast