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Rose and Jon Skelton Pearson


To practise tantra is to fall in love with life…

We believe that our natural state is to be in love with life: open to all life’s opportunities, connections and challenges. However, the reality is that all of us, to some degree, have barriers to this openness – barriers that we ourselves put up as a natural and strategic defence against wounding and trauma that we have endured in the past. Our mission is to create a safe and gentle space where participants can breathe and relax into allowing these barriers effortlessly and organically to dissolve.

We use tantra as both map and practice to tap into the life energy within us. Life energy, sex energy, creative energy – these are essentially the same thing. Our work facilitates the free-flowing of this energy through sex, heart and spirit, bridging heaven and earth, spirit and matter, divinity and sex. It is an incredible journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.


We are accredited teachers of John Hawken’s Paths of Transformation, which weaves together strands of tantra, shamanism and bioenergetic psychotherapy. We have also been certified as Urban Tantra Practitioners by Barbara Carrellas.

Tantra teachers Rose and John Skelton Pearson

We are committed to holding safe, boundaried and consentful spaces. To this end, we use Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent as a reference for all of our work and have completed her signature Like a Pro training.


Between us, we have many years of experience in psychotherapy, life coaching, dance, yoga and meditation as well as tantra and are qualified in all of these modalities. We specialise in holding space for couples using a powerful combination of psychotherapy, tantric coaching and bodywork.


We are based in Brighton, UK where we run workshops and tantric bodywork practices. We also offer tantric residential courses for individuals and couples in various parts of the UK.


Internationally, we teach at tantra festivals worldwide. We currently teach the year-long Tantric Lovemaking for Couples training at the Centre for Transformation in the Czech Republic.


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