Tantra London workshop

Locations: London, UK

Certified Tantric Educator & Coach.


  • I assist women in feeling in awe of their body and integrate who they truly are!
  • I help couples connect and fall deeply (back) in love with one another. I offer mirroring tantra massage sessions where the giver learns how to generate an amazing experience to their partner.
  • I coach men and women to be their true essence, understand how to integrate their feminine and masculine qualities and operate in the world with access to all their qualities.
  • I host events/workshops that are Tantra Related, including ‘Tantra Date Night’, ‘The Tantra Speed Date’ and ‘Elements of Tantra’. I facilitate singles and couples connecting deeply and enjoying intimate spaces.




Sanjay is an experienced facilitator of spirituality, connection and sexuality workshops. This includes evening classes to 1-day workshops. Recent events that I have facilitated include:


The Tantra Speed Date – https://www.tantrany.com/date/london/?aff=9tantralink

Tantra Date Night – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantra-date-night-online-guided-experience-for-couples-tickets-104623995186?aff=9tantralink

Elements of Tantra – Dates for 2020 TBC -postponed owing to Covid-19

Consent and Heartfelt Touch – Dates for 2020 TBC – postponed owing to Covid-19




Sanjay coaches men, women and couples and specializes in the following:


  • Create deep, healthy, loving, intimate relationships
  • Expanding and integrating their masculine and feminine qualities
  • Setting healthy boundaries that allow you to have more connection
  • Asking for what you need and desire, and getting exactly what you want
  • Learning how to stop the fear-based/core belief patterns from running your life
  • Being and communicating from your true essence
  • Understanding your source energy and learning energetic skills and manners


Tantra Massage


Sanjay gives Tantra Massage for women:


  • Access deeper parts of yourself, feel authentic, connect to higher consciousness and manifest brilliance in your life
  • Full body massage, including reflexology, zero balancing, pressure point activation and chakra/energy centre realignment.
  • Genital touch, sacred spot activation combined with orgasmic meditation, and base chakra work (optional).
  • 10,000 nerve endings are stimulated, leading to neural pathways being re-connected and restored.




Tantra Speed Date:

“A sustained human connection that was embraced by all in the room, transposing age, backgrounds and all the other stuff you judge on conventional dating”. – Rachael

“I didn’t find someone I wanted to have as a romantic lover, but I got so much healing and connection from the exercises. I would go again just for that”. – Caroline – Massage Therapist

“A wonderful, magical, evening of connections and warmth”. – Clement


Elements of Tantra

“I learned so much that’s new and essential. I was also reminded how much I already know :-) Safely held. Knowledgeable and caring teachers.” – Michael, Retired.

“This workshop has allowed me to cultivate a space with my partner where we can explore the essence of desire and touch. I feel closer to him and contained by the energies I’ve played with today” – Priyankaa, Events.

“Doing the workshops, I have learnt that my old ways of people pleasing are holding me back. I now feel energised, courageous and brave and not to hide away anymore. I want people to see the real me! Feel confident to make changes. I now believe in myself” – Andrea, Nurse.


Consent and Heartfelt Touch

“I enjoyed the energy field work. I’d heard about energy fields but never experienced them”

“I really enjoyed the blend of theoretical and experiential”

“Great facilitation. Safe. Great value for money”


“The workshop was mind-blowing. I couldn’t understand the wheel of consent before this workshop, but the facilitators made it easy to understand” – Andrea, Nurse.




“Coaching with Sanjay is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I’ve gained so much insight about myself, and what I want.” – Ranelle, 36, Jewellery Designer.


“Sanjay holds space for his clients extraordinarily well, which allows me to drop into a deeper, intimate, transformational place. I can be absolutely honest with Sanjay, to a level that I do not often get with others in my life. Thus, I can expose myself on a deeper level and examine my patterns, conditioning, stories and core beliefs and see how they serve, or fail to serve me. I highly recommend Sanjay as a coach.” – Eben, 28, Software Designer.


“Sanjay is an insightful man and is not afraid to say what he sees. He is good at assisting you with taking practical steps to ensure that you get exactly what you want. I recommend coaching with him, as it will help you to achieve your goals.” – Michelle 50, Court Reporter.


Tantra Massage


“Sanjay crafted a beautiful bodywork session for me. I feel, seen, heard and loved. His depth of knowledge of sacred sexual practices left me feeling at ease. In just one session I was able to regain sensation and feel pleasure in areas cancer surgery had rendered numb!” – Samantha, 49, Massage Therapist.


“Sanjay is a masterful tantra coach. His presence and ability to make women feel safe are what drew me to him. In my tantra and sacred spot activation session, we set an intention to tune into my sensations and not to rush for an outcome.


Sanjay met me skillfully, holding space for my blissful energy to unfold, and the result was unbelievable. I felt more pleasure in my body. I feel powerful, energized and radiant. I highly recommend Sanjay as a powerful and skillful tantra coach.”  Highly recommended!” – Irene, 30, Business Owner.


For more details:


Website: https://www.awakenbytouch.com/


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