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Pearl Tantra


A pure and simple practice founded upon Devotion to Truth. Exploring the relationship between Consciousness and Matter through direct experience of being.

Transmission | Meditation | Mantra & Sound | Dialogue & Inquiry | Intuitive Integrative Counsel | Genetic Code Mapping

Initiatory facilitation by Mana – tantrika and founder of Pearl Tantra – and further complimented by potential opportunities to work with other established global practitioners as part of a closely creative weave. This quality offering caters for individuals, couples and small groups in the form of private sessions, open satsangs and retreats.

Mana is a passionate bodyworker, therefore guidance in the art of touch and massage is available to select sincere aspirants as well.

Teachings available online and in-person dependent upon location – Mana moves between London and parts of Europe – foundational spoken English language essential.


Rates, story/bio and testimonials on request.