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Many couples come to me wanting to learn how to become better lovers, learn Tantra, improve their sexual lives and mostly acquire new techniques. All of this can be learned, however, sexuality is something we are rather than something we do. Our past traumas,  thought patterns, our ability to give and receive, our ability to stay present in the body and hold sensations will always affect the way we interact sexually- despite tools we may learn.  For this to work authentically much personal excavation must be undertaken before the selfless and devotional can be set free.


My offering is to assist MEN, WOMEN and COUPLES in moving through the stages of relating that leave us stuck, disempowered or disappointed; learn how to cultivate self-love; blossoming as mature individuals in every interaction,  this work awards you and your relationship with:


  • Clear communication
  • Expression of real desires
  • Empowerment through your vulnerability
  • Supporting each other in your traumas and wounds
  • Recognising trigger points and managing emotional stability
  • Bringing deeper connection to your union
  • Set healthy boundaries and play more


As well as coaching I offer:


Yoni Circles for WOMEN, a six week online program to connect/reconnect you to your most intimate source of energy, to the sacredness of your body and its potential for pleasure will unlock infinite energy for you to use in every area of your life. It’s making love for yourself, where all our journeys begin. De-armouring blockages imprinted in cellular memory and setting intention for a new juicy way of being.


Global Red Tent online is a monthly  gathering for WOMEN, a beautiful and sacred space for us to come together and heal. We follow the cycles of the Moon to pause and look within. I made it especially affordable so more women around the globe can join. Please check my website for more info.


I have also designed a Love Ceremony for COUPLES, suitable for celebrating an anniversary or strengthening the bond of a relationship at any stage, even as a conscious kickstart in the beginning of a relationship to help and design your way of being together.


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