I see life as a celebration of the senses and celebration of connection with others. Every moment embodies a beautiful opportunity to deepen the level of intimacy we experience.



I can help men to learn how to understand women better and how the feminine “operates”; how to move your sexual energy into the heart and become a better lover ; expand your ability to feel


I can help women to learn how to be more empowered in your feminine, ask for what you desire without feeling guilty or shameful about it; heal your relationship with your body


Couples, I can help you to learn how to deepen your intimacy, improve your communication and learn new ways of making love both on an energetic level and by learning new skills for him and for her; to find the sacredness of your union


Whether you are looking for coaching or in-depth personal intimacy guidance, the implementation of ancient philosophies with modern techniques will take your ability to experience and share to a deeper level.


Feel the warmth of connection.


Discover harmony.





Tel: +44(0)7457007731


“Thanks so much for the session we had last week, that was amazing. The coaching session helped so much, my wife and i have already started communicating the issues in a honest way, and hopefully we will get to the practical part soon as well. The coaching you gave me was incredible and has given me more confidence which made me more relaxed. You are such great person so thank you for being you and for pointing out so clearly all the things I didn’t want to see, that helped me a lot.  You are incredible. “

  1. Gang, France


“….. we talked a lot and did a lot of healing….I think we both feel like we’ve grown a lot closer to one another, which is great.


The coaching uncovered some things we needed to address and whilst we’re still working through some of them, it feels like the main issues have been addressed.


Thank you so much for your help and for opening up the doors we were hiding behind. ”


Sarah and Ben, London