Tantric massage Northumbria

Awaken to the aliveness of your being, awaken your inner essence

I believe that you have the right to pleasure and the right to explore your pleasure in a space that facilitates freedom of expression and openness. It is my passion that create that space where you can feel at ease and all is welcome as you give yourself permission to experience and expand into the ripples and nuances of pleasure…

I see life as a journey of exploration and adventure and have a passion that pleasure is a portal to fulfilment and empowerment as when we are met in our pleasures we truly become seen.

My offerings include Tantric massage forand Kahuna Body work for Men, Women and Non Binary. I am based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire and Northumbria.


  • Imagine a world where everyone feels safe too express their sexuality
  • Imagine being a sacred space where boundaries and needs are honoured.
  • Imagine having the opportunity to immerse yourself in the power and sacredness of intimacy
  • Imagine dropping into a profound and enlightening connected experience.

Some of the benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage can offer many benefits, including total relaxation of the body and mind, teaching prolonged sexual arousal to gain more control. Tantric Massage can rebalance yourself and connect you with your inner pleasure, release blockages that hold you back, full body orgasms, self-development and connection to self are just some of the many benefits tantric massage offers.

My intention for the tantric massage is of deep connection and increased spiritual and sexual awareness of the erotic consciousness and sacred sexuality. Allowing your own individual self to shine through as you connect with enhanced levels of arousal and give yourself permission to see what happens without any expectations.

The tantric massage I offer is about moving energy in your body and connecting you to your energy as you expand into pleasure.

tantric massage Yorkshire

Sensual touch

Eye gazing to deepen intimacy and connection

Flowing in the exchange of erotic energy

Relaxing into presence and letting go of thoughts of performance

Connecting with your body though conscious touch

I recommend a minimum of 2 and up to 3 hours for the Tantric Massage


Immerse yourself just a little bit more into the magic of tantra. The invitation is to allow yourself to indulge in a 3 – 4 hour session exploring one or two of the beautiful rituals followed by a receiving a tantric massage

This is a mixture of the tantric massage sessions and the Day of exploration session.


Give yourself permission to spend an entire day 8 hours being pampered as you immerse yourself into the magical world for Tantra. This experience allows you to dive deeply into tantric touch and ritual. Spend 10 hours immersed in tantric bliss as I guide you through a number of tantric rituals in sacred space.

Tantric Ritual Ceremonies can include, yet are not limited to

Erotic breath work

Full body Tantric Massage

Marma point massage

Exploring the senses

Orgasmic Yoga and meditation

Ecstatic dance

Healing rituals

Cacao ceremony

Erogenous zone massage

Tantra chakra Ritual

Sacred soul gazing

Honouring Shakti / Shiva

Discovering self pleasure

Connecting with your life-force energy

Heart centred touch

I very much look forward to hearing from you and working together in the very near future.

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