Tantric massage Wales

Touch is not a luxury, it is a basic human need.


We experience life through our senses. Choices we make are informed by the feelings and sensations in our bodies. If we are disconnected, unaware of these feelings and sensations, we feel isolated, confused and tense. Feeling of happiness, joy and pleasure come from a sensation in the body. When we feel good we are kind, open, generous, loving and joyful. If we shut down as a result of painful experience or trauma, our body hardens; consequently blocking feeling love, pleasure and connection.

Using the principle of opening to pleasure, touch, breath, movement and sound in my sessions  I invite you to connect to your own body.

I draw on my extensive massage and tantra training and experience of bioenergetics, breathwork, mindfulness practice and various modalities of bodywork. I create a safe environment for my client’s body to evoke it’s own healing potential, connecting body and mind to pleasure and aliveness, beyond pain, shame and conditioning.

A Session might involve breathing practices, bioenergetics exercises, energy work, Tantric massage, Taoist erotic massage, Kashmiri massage, Reichian deep tissue work, vajra or yoni healing and pleasuring, sacred spot massage.  The choice is yours. It is a one-way touch dynamic, for you to receive, be nourished, rest and explore.

I welcome men and women as individuals or couples especially if you want to

  • increase sensitivity and sensuality, open your capacity for experiencing pleasure;
  • deepen your connection and understanding of  yourself;
  • improve your self-esteem and body confidence;
  • improve your love-making and relating, heal your relationships;
  • to feel more alive and have more energy.

I practice in West Wales and Oxford

Please contact me via contact form on my website