Tantric massage Brighton


Hi I am Barbora,



36 years old cosmopolitan woman, from Prague, lived in Mozambique, Norway, Denmark and now last 4 years in London and now living and working in Brighton. My Tantra practise is based mainly in Brighton, Preston Park 5 min walk from the train station, in private studie with its own entrance. I can also offer occasionally sessions in London.


Please be aware my Tantra is authentic practise to help you to feel, own and enjoy your sexual energy, not any sexual service and I do not have intimate relationships with my clients, respect that boundaries as I do respect yours.


I offer safe space for your self-exploration, where you can improve how you relate to your body, energy, sexuality and emotions and transfer your life through opening to pleasure and enjoy owning your sexual energy feeling it and containing it. It is about authenticity of feeling and experiencing more than about performing and reaching any goals.


What can my Slow Sexuality Tantric practise can help you (women, men, couples with:


  • I want to understand more what it is to feel sexual woman/man to have joyful experience with my body, feel and enjoy pleasure and sensation, slowly learn how to contain excitement and sexual energy to integrate more my sexuality. 


  • I”m stressed, frustrated and I am looking to regain energy in my body and learn how to learn to bring more awareness in to my life and feel more alive


  • I feel shame about my sexual life and I struggle how to be sexual and I would like to be good lover and feel more pleasure in my sexual life


  • I feel like I’ve lost connection with my emotions, sexual energy (libido) and I want to do something for myself to change it


  • I am recovering from heavy cure, operation, cancer… and look for to re-connect to feel joy and pleasure again. 


  • My partner and I want  to reconnect and improve our intimacy and sexual life after having some issues or just deepen to share pleasure and learn new ways how to connect and enjoy intimacy and sex


My Tantric sessions consist of


  • Tantric Body workinvitation in to ritual of Tantric massage to honouring body as Temple. The touch of your body is here to invite you to awakening yourself through your body, relaxing and increasing your sensation, make your own journey of connecting to yourself, experience and learn to containing your sexual energy, feeling pleasure and be free of any performance or control.


I offer also

  • Psychosexual Coachingexplorative and non-judgemental talk to help you understand more of your sexual life, behaviour patterns, issues and your needs and know how to express it and live more fulfilling life. I offer you that way more self-awareness, un-shaming and empowering guidance by you acknowledge more about yourself, to help you to get better sexual life. 



What to say to understand benefits of Tantric session I offer …

It’s about your experience activating you physically, emotionally and sexually to reboot your overall well-being. To feel and understand how beautiful it is to own and cultivate your sexual energy and finding way to life more thought compassion self-love and bliss


Each Tantric session is individually created with you for you. 

It is your unique individual journey … so … take a deep breathe and let go of control while you are invited to feel sensation in your body and connect deeper, go with the flow.

“I do this with you as your guide, I don’t do this for you”  My intention is about Empowerment that can help you to feel better about yourself and support you in your everyday life after leaving my door.


What I want to say to them who are interested to book a session with me 

My intention and wish of my Tantra work is to help you to improve your life, help you to know yourself better, to teach you and let you understand that “ All you need to feel good  about to enjoy your life is within you. You are awesome beautiful sexual being and you are your own resource of pleasure and joy. I am here as your guide to invite you on to your journey.


I offer you safe space for your self-exploration, where you can improve how you relate to your body, energy, sexuality and emotions and transfer your life through opening to consciousness and enjoy flow of sexual energy, that helps you to feel more joy in your body, in your life.


If you are interested please read first my website with all important information



if you have questions or you want to book your session please contact me on phone

07704 903 787 or email slowsexuality@gmail.com