Tantric massage London

My name is Desiré and I am originally from South America, lived in London and Barcelona for many years where I became a Shiatsu practitioner and learned Tantra from an Indian Master, Astiko and also collaborated with Maite Domenech, I studied the Universal Tao with Mantak Chia, practice Vipassana meditation, and also learned  Reiki and Soft Tissue therapy. I have learned to support the healing of women using the system of Miranda Gray, Womb Blessing, or Divine Feminine Awakening. Helping us to awaken our authentic femininity to understand and enjoy expressing who we are as women in the world. This work is an energy process to align women to the universal female energies and to the Moon and the Earth and to awaken fully the four female energy archetypes that all women hold.


My interest in Tantra came because of family with a history of sexual abuse and of misogynist environment yet I come from a line of incredibly strong women of indigenous ancestry. Also because as a child I grew up always in contact and guarded by nature, which I think helped me as an adult to understand that we are part of a whole, Earth and the universe.


I stand as a Tantrist practitioner from my calling to contribute to a better world, where humans are loving, conscious and aware that we are energy and vibration.


My approach is that of treating the body as sacred and of becoming aware of the divine feminine energies present in ourselves and in the world, using the energies of the moon for this purpose of  greater uprising of all feminine aspects.


The sessions I provide are gentle yet deep, seeking to awaken your emotional intelligence, also clear and empathetic communication.


In my sessions, there will be


– Intention set up. (Releasing emotional, physical, mental, energetic blockages, finding pure and deep joy, becoming more aware of your body, reconnecting with it).


-Moon meditation. ( to invite the divine feminine energy).


-Somatic  Bodywork ( Through Shiatsu, diverse massage techniques).


– Breathing awareness.( I will remind you and teach you breathing exercises to use during the sessions).


-Movement (whenever the energy needs finding it natural flow).


– Kundalini awakening, energy points.(Yoni massage, Lingam massage).


– Integration ( supporting the movement of the awakened energy throughout your body, mind).


Please note that I do not provide sexual services, though it is a naturist massage I will worship your energy with utmost respect and devotion. My massage sessions are of conscious touch using different types of touch and reaching different layers of your energy.


I specialize in Tantra massage for Women.


I offer Tantra massage workshops for couples.


They will be from 90 minutes onwards, £150 90 minutes session. 2 hours £200, 3 hours £300.


I am located in Enfield Chase area, available Monday evenings, Wednesdays from 10 am to 7 pm, Thursdays from 10 am to 1 pm and weekends previous appointment/ consultation where you can call me at 07862561623 or email unionmistica@gmail.com



My blog is www.femininetantra.blogspot.com


Instagram: @femininetantra


Please note that there are toilettes with handwashing provisions and shower facilities in my venue.