Tantra massage central London

Come and have your senses truly awakened in the sensual, loving, intimate and beautiful setting of our Central London Tantra Temple, by our team of experienced and devoted tantric practitioners and teachers.

By awakening and amplifying the erotic energy through sublime touch and then directing it throughout the body, tantric massage, like tantric lovemaking, is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, energising and soul-healing experience that awakens sensitivity and sensuality, and increases the capacity to experience more pleasure, opening the door towards becoming a truly orgasmic and blissful human being.


For men the emphasis is on amplifying and controlling the energies and allowing them to flow around the body which is achieved through the body-to-body contact of the masseuse awakening the whole body as one giant erogenous zone. This connects the sexuality with the heart and you are then able to become more masculine, confident, free, virile, loving and able to control the erotic energies, making you a better lover and potentially multi-orgasmic.


For women, being able to feel secure, trusting and loved is vital if you are to relax sufficiently for the erotic energies to begin to circulate which can then bring about profound emotional healing and release. This allows the experience of much deeper and varied states of orgasm allowing you to manifest more femininity, happiness, self-confidence, sensuality, and to be more orgasmic, radiant, erotic, relaxed, open, beautiful, uninhibited and free.

tantric massage London


Our massages are done in luxurious sensual surroundings where we have paid great attention to the colours, perfumes, music, warmth – the overall ambience which is vital for your true relaxation and abandon, to be fully immersed in this beautiful and initiatic experience.


A visit to the tantra temple is a very special occasion. Everyone there exudes joy and love, and one is welcomed into a peaceful oasis from the normal busy world. The experience of the massage is always wonderful, and as one learns to surrender and be ‘in the moment’, and to absorb all the exquisite sensual energies created, it becomes truly exceptional – feelings of total relaxation and energised elevated spirit and at the same time, clarity of thought and feelings of joy and love overflowing in the heart and mind. Joy in all that happened, and in the amazing realization that one can return again to be in the presence of such special people! The wonder of the experience, and the reason that one cannot wait to return, is due to the absolutely wonderful, charming, beautiful, fun and intelligent ladies at the temple. It is always a privilege to spend any time with them.”

Michael, aged 53


“Discovering the Ecstatic Joy Temple and having many massages and initiations in the tantric knowledge I rediscovered the definition of what sexuality and eroticism really is. I left after the first session already knowing that I needed to go back, to discover what I did not know and even more… What is amazing about the whole thing is that the masseur has a pleasant way to make you feel secure, at ease and safe to talk about your concerns and questions. Throughout the whole experience I learnt so much about myself, my senses and feelings and what I have to offer, about the happiness that can flow into and out of my body just through a simple touch. About my awakened erotic energy that was and is feeding, through sublimation, the cells of my body, my sense, my mind and my heart. And it was all so natural.

This tantric approach of life and sexuality that I learnt in the Ecstatic Joy Temple has been something that has impacted me in a very positive way. I would dare say it was life changing, definitely for my self-esteem in the erotic domain. In many ways I have found how to be happy and also confident in my erotic life. A journey that has allowed me to learn how this sexual energy really can be in me and how I can use it and uplift it in my being. I will never go back to how things were and the situations I put myself into before. I could not have imagined how powerful and fulfilling it is to discover this..”

Veronica, aged 40


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