Tantric massage Berlin

Hello, welcome! Somatic sexuality, tantra and beyond, continues to change my life. I am honoured to work with all who are curious – starting from exactly where you are.


Do you have a specific topic or concern? Are you simply curious? Do you want to FEEL connection? My work deals with sensuality, eroticism, arousal, bliss, light and shadows. Together we find a path which fits you.


The exploration of arousal, desire and sexuality is one path towards finding and expanding each person’s authentic voice, agency and actually feeling into the interconnection of all.


We work to expand sensation and awareness. This work can have dramatic effects on all areas of your life. It helps to regulate thinking and emotions, expand pleasure, loosen ‘stuck’ dynamics, and bring a sense of vitalized, ‘buzzing’ peaceful-bliss.


In my own life, I have been deeply moved by these practices. I feel myself continue to shift and open in all aspects. As a practitioner, I feel, again and again, in awe of the powerful effects of this work – and re-vitalized by working with others.


I have a great deal of experience in somatic work – learning a great deal about conscious sexuality from Joseph Kramer (Sexological Bodywork) and Barbara Carrellas (Urban Tantra). My background includes Cultural Anthropology, Natural Horsemanship, working with a variety of atypical neurologies, somatic trauma education, theatre practice, somatic dance practices, and more. I regularly dance, practice wildness, meditate, study cognitive science, read about quantum science, listen to trees, laugh with friends. I bring a warm heart, a non-judgemental perspective, intuitive touch, intellectual background, and a big sense of humour.


I welcome all! I consider gender, sexuality, desire to be fluidly shifting – in small or large ways – as we each shift through our lives. I work with people individually, with couples, trios, or groups of all sizes.

I am located in Berlin. I can meet you in my lovely studio or at your location.
Travel in Europe or beyond is welcome.
Skype/video sessions are welcome.
For further information please visit: eroticenaction.net