Tantric bodywork London

Euphoric Joy Temple (East London)

Our Tantric massage is a deeply sensual, relaxing, energizing and awakening experience, which increases your inner peace and joy of life. It is a gradual journey of self-discovery.

It is an amazing opportunity to step out of your ordinary state of consciousness and dive into a new, magical space, of connecting to your heart, your happiness, your masculinity or femininity and deep sensuality.

During the massage, the erotic energy is awakened in a sublime and controlled way, gently moving it throughout the entire body, to experience full-body pleasure, ecstatic happiness and bliss.

It is also perfect preparation for Tantric lovemaking and the Tantric way of life in general, because the experience of a tantric massage will open many doors within you, and show you the connection between love and eroticism, and how to guide the erotic energy towards higher states of consciousness, otherwise only accessible through lovemaking and deep meditation.

The tantric massage is a way of learning something new about yourself and enriching your life through sensual and loving conscious touch. It is a beautiful, sensual and intimate moment full of love; touching body, mind and soul.

The goal of our tantra massage sessions is to help men, women and couples discover the millenary secrets of the tantric tradition, learning how to relate to and embrace eroticism in a pure, natural and deeply fulfilling way.

The benefits of tantric massage are many:

–       gain control over the sexual energy

–       get help with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

–       overcome fear of performance

–       awaken sensuality

–       awaken the sensitivity of your body and capacity to experience pleasure

–       become multi-orgasmic

–       awakening femininity or masculinity

–       improve self-confidence

–       connect to your heart and your life mission

–       relaxation and healing


We are based in East London and are open 7 days a week.

For more information and bookings, please contact us on 0730 812 36 87 or info@tantra-massage.co.uk

You can also read more about our massages at www.tantra-massage.co.uk

We look forward to meeting you!

With love,

Ecstasy and Shivanand