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Gayatri: Awaken Your Erotic Nature

Gayatri is a Sacred Sexuality professional devoted to bringing 21st-century consciousness to ancient wisdom and practices. Since 2012 she has been offering safe and sacred spaces for people to discover the aliveness of their being through conscious touch and erotic awakening. In addition to her private work, she is the Founder and Lead Teacher of Tantra Massage Training.

Gayatri offers sessions in three key areas – pleasure, erotic education, and intimacy. Working with you over a series of sessions – or deep dive immersive experiences – she offers you the keys to unlock your potential as a sensual and sexual being.

Offerings sessions to individuals and couples of all gender identification and sexual orientation, Gayatri holds an inclusive space where all – and all of you – is welcome.

For private sessions and one to one training, please go to https://gayatribeegan.com
To make an enquiry or book appointments, email gayatribeegan@gmail.com


Pleasure: Discover the pleasure of your body that is your birthright

Pleasure sessions are primarily massage based with one-way touch, from me to you only. You have space to fully connect with your own body without distraction or requirement to reciprocate.

Sessions include, yet are not limited to:

  • Tantric bodywork
  • Lingam Healing Massage
  • Lingam Pleasure Massage
  • Yoni Healing Massage
  • Yoni Pleasure Massage
  • Ecstatic breathwork
  • Active meditations
  • Discovering self-pleasure

“Gayatri creates an amazingly warm, safe and connected space in which to let go and surrender to the flow as her light touch evolves into deeply sensual strokes and caresses. From beginning to the end of my session I felt completely looked after, held, appreciated and worshipped.” – Jay


Erotic Education: Learn about sexuality and the erotic in a sacred space

One of the most common myths about sexuality is that it is simply “natural”, and you should “just know how to do it”. There is a particular pressure on men to somehow miraculously know what to do with the female body without ever having been taught (or without guidance from a woman herself). Erotic Education sessions go “back to basics” with the sex education you never got in school.

Sessions include, yet are not limited to:

  • Understanding arousal and the differences between male and female bodied beings
  • Boundaries and communication – ensuring that your touch is welcome and desired
  • Erotic massage and sensual touch – how to give from a place of presence to ignite the body of the other
  • Different kinds of touch –how and when to use them

“If only someone had told me all this when I was a teenager. I would have had much more fulfilling relationships. And a lot more fun!” – Tom


Intimacy: Deepen in heart-centred connection and shared pleasure.

Are you longing to feel an intimate sensual connection with a heart-centered woman? Do you wish to give and receive tenderness, sensual touch, and shared pleasure? I particularly welcome men to this offering as many men have never felt truly ‘received’, and long to be met in their masculinity by a loving woman.

Sessions include, yet are not limited to:

  • Eye gazing
  • Tantric rituals of honouring and sensuality
  • Caressing and cuddling
  • Erotic massage and sensual touch
  • Flowing with the exchange of erotic energy
  • Exploring desires, including curiosity about kink

“It was beautiful, sensual, calming and yes, erotic experience, but in an ethical, professional manner that transforms it into a statement of pure spiritual enlightenment.” – Martin


Benefits of working with Gayatri include:

  • Releasing old attitudes of shame around sexuality
  • Coming into a loving and accepting relationship of your sexuality
  • Increased sensitivity and awareness of your body
  • Expanded capacity for pleasure
  • Dropping performance and pressure in order to fully experience pleasure
  • Connecting to your orgasmic potential – perhaps for the first time
  • Overcoming problems in arousal (for men this includes erection and ejaculation)
  • Discovering the connection between the sexual and the spiritual
  • Integrating your sexual energy with your whole body
  • Increased confidence, vitality, creativity and aliveness
  • Expand yourself as a sensual and sexual being
  • Being fully alive in the moment

Appointments are offered at Gayatri’s home temple space in North Somerset.
She also visits London once a month where she offers appointments from a luxury apartment in Elephant & Castle.

For private sessions and one to one training, please go to https://gayatribeegan.com
For public workshops and residential trainings, see https://tantramassagetraining.co.uk
To make an enquiry or book appointments, email gayatribeegan@gmail.com