Tantric massage Yorkshire

The potential for pleasure in our bodies is infinite…



From the moment you set a conscious intention to bring more pleasure into your sexuality, you open yourself to the possibility of inviting more pleasure into all aspects of your life.


Tantric massage is a beautifully exquisite ritual. During the massage, I will give every part of your body loving attention with conscious touch. I will use a variety of different sensations over your body, these will help awaken all of your senses and I will sensually massage your body using oil. I will invite and encourage your body to fully relax so you may let go of your busy mind and any stress you are holding, this will enable you to drop further into pleasure and deeper into intimacy. Receiving a Tantric massage results in your body feel light, relaxed and invigorated, it clears your mind. Your fullest potential for arousal and sensuality is most fully achieved in deep relaxation.


Receiving a Tantric massage is an opportunity to learn about your body, you can learn how each part provides you with sensual delight, how each part responds differently to particular sensations. You can learn exactly what pleases your body. As humans, we crave and need touch. Just holding hands releases serotonin. The more you are touched, nurtured and aroused the more beneficial chemicals you will produce and release into your body. All these chemicals have positive effects on both your body and mood. These chemicals are mood enhancers, muscle relaxants, pain relievers, immune boosters, they increase blood flow and have antioxidant and anti-aging properties. When you explore your body and invite pleasure in, you can let go of shame and guilt. You can learn to heal your wounds, awaken your body and raise your sensitivity to pleasure. You can explore intimacy and learn conscious loving touch. When you learn to harness your potent, life-creating sexual energy, you can use it as your life force. When you surrender to yourself and to life, you can let go of limiting thought patterns that keep you small, you will grow in self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem. You will learn to recognise limiting belief patterns which will simply start to drop away.


There are no goals in Tantra, I will help you to be aware of every moment that passes and all that is present in that moment.


When you can learn to love and fully accept yourself, you will feel alive and can live with more spontaneity and discover your authentic self.


I will welcome you into my beautiful temple in West Yorkshire. I hold a safe, loving, sacred and non-judgemental space. I am professional; confidentiality and integrity are of utmost importance to me in the service that I offer. I will honour and respect you. I will invite, help and encourage you to drop into the sensual pleasure of your body, relax and go to a timeless place where you can fully surrender to your pleasure.


When you learn to fully receive, you can let go of control, let go of any goals, enjoy the journey and learn about the infinite possibility for pleasure in your body.


I have trained extensively with Shakti Tantra.  I incorporate other forms of practice into this work which I have studied and practiced over the years, including bodywork, movement,  breathwork, dance and meditation.


Please contact me on 07863 145979 or by email heatherbelle1@hotmail.com

Sessions cost £100/hour and are 2 hours minimum.