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Sexual Pleasure Practitioner & Orgasmic Expansion Coach

Bodywork and Online coaching


“There must be more…”

I hear this a lot from people, who have a desire to meet a greater capacity for pleasure in their bodies but don’t know-how.


“I felt so safe with Hugs as a practitioner and that he was able to offer me the experience I desired with such a clean and clear approach to the work. Strong hands and a huge heart. A blissful and beautiful touch, full of integrity.”


Pleasure session for women:

Discover and explore your body as a sensual landscape through honouring and sacred ritual.

Using breath, movement and touch help you become more skilled in knowing your pleasure, directing your experience and enhancing sensation during self-pleasure and sexual encounters.

I offer this work as I recognise that there has been a lack of honouring the feminine in the world, and wish to make my own steps towards changing this.  Allowing women to experience nourishing and devotional qualities in a man, in the presence of her own sexual energy.

I will encourage you to expand your capacity for pleasure at your own pace and organic flow.

My full-body massage can awaken the whole system to enter expanded bliss states instead of just relying on a genital focussed approach.

To receive touch without having to be concerned about your giver’s pleasure or welfare is a great gift to give yourself.


Pleasure Session for men:

Whether heterosexual, homosexual or curious I honour and respect the arousal and healing that can be embodied through conscious touch for men, by men.

When your masculine energy is met with both strength and sensuality, this can be powerful to experience and help you open you up to greater depths of sensation.

I can help you experience new erogenous zone throughout your body, expanding your orgasmic potential and stepping into a mindset of erotic power by flowing with your unique arousal rhythms.

I hold a safe and supportive space for you to be able to fully relax and receive.  This can help you become more authentic in your expression of pleasure.  By letting go of the expectations and anxieties around performance, this allows you the ability to sustain pleasure and to have greater choice in your experience

Experiences can include sensual touch massage, genital massage and anal exploration.  These experiences can help you bring greater awareness and sensitivity into your intimate relationships whether with men or women.


Four-handed sensual massage:

For women, men and couples.

A beautiful opportunity to experience a sacred 4 handed massage with the polarity of sensuality and strength given by a male and female practitioner.

This sacred meditation journey allows the echos and traces of touch to dissolve deeper than the physical body.  Through this you can access the energetic sensations outside of our usual awareness, giving you an immersive space for integration into healing, pleasure and growth.

This can be a deep and sensual experience with myself and a female practitioner both working on your body.

Alternatively this can be a couples session, where each partner gets to experience a 4-handed sensual massage from myself and their partner, being taught along the way.


Couples Sex coaching and Tantric technique teaching :

I work honouring couples of any gender and sexual orientation.

I offer sessions myself, or with my female partner where you access the wisdom from our combined knowledge, experience and training.  Either in person or online.

Working together in this way we can help transform how you relate to each other physically and emotionally, deepening your relationship and allowing both partners to experience greater satisfaction.

There is always more to learn about yourself and your partners body, pleasure and arousal through generous love-making.  Stepping away from the habits and patterns in sex can give you the opportunity to connect together into relaxed, opened hearted union.

I can guide you in the skills of presence, breath and awareness alongside techniques for full-body touch, genital massage and sexual practices.


For queries or to book:

Please get in touch via email:connectwithhugs@gmail.com