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Jade Lotus Tantralink


Taoist-Tantric bodywork for trauma release and energy awakening


My work is about the activation of energy in the pursuit of health, happiness, creativity and higher consciousness.  I work with my clients to release emotions and blockages that prevent the flow of energy and the experience of life in a state of presence and pleasure.


My work is ideal for those seeking to overcome traumas from negative sexual experiences and conditioning, for those with sexual problems like anorgasmia, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, as well as those seeking to experience a higher relationship with their sexual selves.  It’s perfect for those who are practicing semen retention as well.

Jade Lotus Tantric
Using my knowledge as a Tantric Therapist and acupuncturist, I work on the whole body to open up the energy meridians to release physical, energetic and emotional blockages.  These blockages often show up as discomfort, stiffness and pain.  Once they are released, the body is open to its natural state of energy flow and pleasure.


Through working with sexual energy, I use this powerful life force energy to clear blockages and awaken the energy body.  Once this is facilitated, problems such as anorgasmia and premature ejaculation disappear.  The experience of energy awakening gives rise to a feeling of lightness and fine vibrations in the body and opens us up to experience orgasm as a full-body experience rather than just in the genitals.


My sessions include sound healing and instruction and ongoing support in the practices of Taoist Sexual Alchemy and semen retention as well is in experiencing full body orgasms.







Additional Qualifications:


  • BA Acupuncture
  • Bowen Therapist
  • Universal Healing Tao Instructor