Hello, I’m Jason Tantra and welcome.tantralink-picture-bar-1


I offer you very profound, ecstatic, nurturing Tantric Experiences. I offer a wide range of services from Tantric Massage, Tantric Rituals, Tantra BDSM, Holiday Companionship, Sex Coaching for Sexual Issues, Tantra Tuition and Professional Training to men only (apart from professional training).


I am typically based in Bristol, but I frequently visit and can offer you sessions in London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. For some locations you’ll need to join a waiting list and I’ll then email you when I am planning a trip to that location.

I’ve had over 22 years training in Tantra and I am delighted to bring you and offer you all of these services. If you can’t see something you would like listed, please do just email me and I will be happy to explore if I can support you. If your looking for my group related offerings, Click Here for my Tantra4GayMen website.


Please do Contact Me if you have any questions. I look forward to welcoming you to a session with me, Thanks Jason xxxtantralink-picture-bar-2


Tantric Massages – I offer 3 very different journeys of Tantric Massage that incorporate all practices of Tantric Massage. Fromm a simple erotic massage to something longer pampering and indulgent. If its massage your looking for, its all here. Read More Here


Tantric Rituals – A Tantric Ritual is different to Tantric Massage in that they are typically more intimate, involve other Tantric practices to experience as well as Tantric massage techniques. Rituals are typically more intimate and longer in duration than Tantric Massages. With everything you would experience in a Ritual, they can feel deeply profound and give you experiences of Tantra that you may have not yet experienced. Deep, profound, heart felt, loving, intimate and highly ecstatic are all available here. Read More Here







Tantric BDSM – Everyone’s way in to experience profound Universal Bliss is different. For some gentle strokes and Tantric massage can take you there. For others something more intensive is required.

The overall aim is your complete surrender. The ‘how you got there’ doesn’t matter, just the fact that you gave it up and surrendered. Intense sensation, when received, can flood your body and mind with endorphins of pleasure that can take you to the gateway of heaven and to a world of ecstasy. You can only experience bliss in your total surrender to yourself and everything you know. Welcome to my offerings that enable you to experience ‘another way in’. Read More Here


Other Services I Offer are: – Holiday Companionship, Sex Coaching for Sexual Issues, Private Tantra Tuition and Professional Training.

Please do Contact Me if you have any questions and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Kind Regards, Jason.