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Jeanette – Tantra Massage BERLIN | London upon Request

Next London dates: Sunday 23rd February – Tuesday 25th February




Are you someone who…

* has some experience or curiosity about the world of TANTRA, and feels ready to take their practice to the next level?

* wonders if there could be something deeper to reach within their experience of their body and of sexuality in general?

* has explored mindfulness in other areas of life and is interested in the ideas behind conscious sexuality?

* feels relief to be able to let go of being the ‘performer’ in sexual experiences?

* wishes to learn more about how to give exquisite Tantric pleasure to their lovers?

* looks forward to being able to clear their mind and recharge their energy within a busy schedule?

* is enticed by a soft and gentle style of sensuality?

* is curious to explore the realms of pleasure possible with a woman with years of experience in the sensual arts?

* …just wants to enjoy being spoiled!


I’m fully trained and certified in the sacred sensual arts, blending Tantric and Taoist techniques into my massages and ritual offerings, which have the option to include elements from conscious kink and sensual dominance.

I am also a certified Somatic Sexuality and Pleasure coach.

Aside from my sensual studies, I hold a politics degree.

However, it soon became clear to me that the real politics is to be carried out on the ground, on a one to one basis.

By learning how to love one another, opening our hearts in compassion and care for ourselves and those around us, and expanding our consciousness as to who we are and how we are connected to the universe, we move out of needing to be controlled by external rules and move into a sense of inner authority and understanding.

As a Scorpio rising on the path of transformation, I’ve been dedicated to discovering what lies beneath this seemingly ordinary world around us for the past seven years. My learnings and healing experiences along the way are open for sharing with others wanting to step on this path to truth…

In our sensual collaboration, you can be free to find the peace of deep relaxation through surrendering to the enjoyment and pleasure that you deserve.

Taking the time to connect through the heart, there can be a feeling of warmth and joy where you may be free to enjoy your body in the here and now.

There are no erotic stereotypes to match up to for either of us here.

I offer a space of mutual trust, respect and openness – with authenticity to our true feelings a requisite for exploring into the depths.

Ensuring full presence and attentiveness to you in your totality in a respectful manner, I will be sure to ask for the same in return.

Only then can the touch fall deeper than the surface.

Allowin?g yourself to be honored in this way by another, to be fully seen in your erotic energy and vitality, is a radical act of self-love.

Let’s take this journey into expanded pleasure.

What might you find?

Let’s be in touch | hello@jeanette-strange.com