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“I felt totally comfortable and safe with Jem to open up and address long-hidden intimacy and sexuality-related issues.

When you meet her, it is clear that she intimately embodies self-love, kindness and healthy sexuality, and this is deeply transformative in itself, to be around someone who has intimate experience with this work herself.”



Bodywork session


I want those I work with to fully recognize their magnificence and step into their highest potential.  I believe strongly in the healing power of intention, and how raising energy through tantric practise and ritual can be used to rocket us in achieving happiness, health and abundance in all aspects of your life.

I wish for those I worked with to experience having a deeply authentic relationship with themselves in pleasure.  How can we be satisfied with others, if we are holding back from ourselves?

I find tantra to be a process with which we can grow into being a greater version of ourselves.  The path of the truly brave warrior.  When clients choose to invest in themselves by committing to regular tantra practice, it’s mind-blowing to see the transformations, developments and changes that occur in their lives.  I know first-hand the powerful healing effects this work can have on those who allow themselves to open to the process; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I work with both men & women on a one2one basis as well as with couples of any sexual orientation.  Sessions would start with an initial consultation ready to set the intention for the session before stepping into the work.  A session usually lasts 2-3 hours, allowing us to go deeply into the tantric practice.


Bodywork I offer:

One to one tantra for individuals:

These sessions are tailored to meet the intent of the client and use Sensual touch and Tantric massage as a gateway to working together. My tantric practice includes massage, ritual, sensuality, tenderness, bodywork, healing ceremonies, manifesting, releasing blocks to accessing our pleasure and lots of laughter, playfulness and fun.


Tantra for couples:

I work honouring couples of any gender and sexual orientation.

Whether you’ve lost your spark over time, your physical responses to each other have changed from when you first met, or you wish to take your connection to a deeper level, my couples sex coaching can be tailored to your needs and boundaries.  Creating space and time to be with our beloved intimately is vital to any relationship, but this precious time can get easily sacrificed when we get busy with work, children, life, or just grow too relaxed in each other’s company, especially in longer-term partnerships.

I hold a space where couples can invest in their relationship by exploring new gateways into intimacy, and find different opportunities for discovering pleasure with each other. These are valuable exercises, tools and techniques you will also be able to take home to practice and play.

I wish to assist you in reigniting desire for your beloved through exploring new territory, which allows you to see your lover through fresh eyes.  We can reframe the traditional role of penetration in sex and become aware of our response to our own or our lover’s genitals.

Offering a chance to rediscover and relearn your authentic pleasures together, which can lead us together to expand into true bliss. A safe playful space of non-judgment, able to voice your needs and desires to each other, without blame or shame, and finding a fresh way to connect.




Offering Online Pleasure Lessons:

Connection is important for us to live our healthiest lives: physically, spiritually, mentally and erotically.  Online sessions can be a perfect way to step into your own personal journey of sexual self-development.

Whether it’s expanding a greater capacity for pleasure all-round, having more presence with your partner, working through sexual challenges or learning a greater range of touch techniques to use on yourself and you partner, my private online coaching sessions will be tailored to you and offer you guidance and support to working towards your intentions.

Suitable for both individuals and couples.

Whether you’re single, solo, in a relationship, satisfied with your sex life or not there is always more we learn about our bodies.


These are 1-hour sessions where we talk about your habits and pleasure patterns, and identify where you could learn more.  I guide you through somatic experiences to drop you into a deeper awareness of sensation throughout the whole body, teach you touch techniques and set you homework to do during the week.


“Jem’s gentle yet strong presence in the whole process supporting you and helping you to stay focused as well as have some fun is really inspiring. I am on my second set of coaching sessions and have met with pleasure and my resistance to pleasure as well as had some beautiful orgasmic lovemaking with my partner that set our relationship sexually on a new level. It takes courage, self-discipline and self-motivation to stay with the process and I won’t say I have it all the time but I also am more aware of my limitations which makes them easier to shift. Jem is wonderfully supportive with a no-nonsense groundedness which I really like with a wealth of knowledge about different techniques and processes. I can highly recommend her sessions to anyone, single or in relationship.”



For most of us the way we touch our bodies for pleasure is a habitual pattern we learnt from our younger years….which often hasn’t really evolved as we’ve grown, and often no longer suits our needs.

What I hear from people:

My orgasms have become less intense over the years

I can’t orgasm with my partner, only on my own.

I can only orgasm through one type of touch

I depend on porn / toys / a partner to get aroused

I no longer orgasm

I’m numb inside

I can’t feel pleasure in soft cock

My bits get sore

I feel alot of shame around my body and expressing myself


The one that always gets me:

I know there is more pleasure to be had, but I don’t know how to get it.


So lets look at the huge expansive pleasure that we could find in our bodies, as our old habits of ‘getting off’ often just limit us, however nice they are. Lets open up to more choice in our bodies, our pleasure and our eroticism.


Lets remove the pressure of having to ‘get it right’ or achieve orgasm. This for me is the best way to experience our full range of orgasmic potential.

We learn about the pleasure scale and working with relaxed arousal. We learn about finding the pleasure in our finger tips. We learn about using our whole body as an erogenous zone. We speak about different orgasms, and what can hold us back from achieving arousal.



“Jem is a total natural at this, she has bucket loads of knowledge on the subject of sexual energy and self pleasure beyond what you can learn in a book. Jem embodies her work. Nothing seems to phase her when discussing what was possible for my pleasure practice. I’m inspired by her coaching to integrate it into my life more, I feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what is possible and look forward to exploring more. Meeting myself and my body with fresh eyes each day, to enhance my pleasure and connection with life”



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