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Mind and Body Work Therapy

In Southern Spain


John and Amanda met and trained together in Tantric Practice in 2007 and have been collaborating on Tantric massage Spainvarious projects, continuing to develop their CPD (continual professional development) over the past decade and into the future.


Working as individuals and as collaborators, in Gibraltar and southern Spain, they are able to offer various therapies based on their experience and training in sexuality issues and body awareness. They are now offering a blend of Mind and Body Work, based in the beautiful region of Andalucia, with it’s holistic environment,  offering Sunshine, Mountains, Beaches, in natural and relaxing surroundings.


Amanda works with Tantra Massage, encouraging us to become more aware of our bodies, and the natural energy and power that lies within us, something we are not very used to doing, as in the modern world, we live mainly in our minds.


Amanda’s Tantra sessions include sensory stimulation to help to focus on your physical body, and breathing techniques to build and move energy through your body.  You can use this energy consciously to give you a power boost, to help to reduce stress, and to engender a sense of inner strength and empowerment.


John works with Psychosexual Somatics, which is an integrative body-mind therapy, which actively supports clients to resolve sex and intimacy issues and helps them to integrate sexuality into their lives.



Somatic sexology combines the modern disciplines of somatics and sexology, as well as ancient approaches such as Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, Yoga and Meditation.


The focus is on bringing regular study and practice into your life, so you experience greater embodiment. Embodiment is living with awareness in the moment through the body. This allows you to have more choice and to access more of what you are capable of, including pleasure.

Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behaviour, and function. Sexology may use tools from a variety of academic fields, including biology, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, and neurology.


For more information or to make an enquiry or a booking go to
www.johnrobbinstherapy.com    or     www.astartelife.com and he chance to rediscover energy, and consciously use it to recharge your batteries and lower your stress levels, giving you a sense of awareness and