Brighton Tantra bodywork

My life’s work, as bodyworker, therapist and teacher, is to help you to fall in love with life. I believe that this happens when we are in a state of flow with life, open and receptive to all that it has to offer us in terms of pleasure, self-acceptance and love. When we are connected to our bodies and the sensations that we experience through the medium of our senses, we are choosing to engage with vital life-force energy: we feel connected, creative and fully in alignment with ourselves.

However, many of us, as a result of conditioning, history or trauma have become disconnected from ourselves to some degree or other. Painful memories may be stored in the cells of the body leaving us de-sensitised and frustrated, knowing that there is something more available to us but not quite able to access this. Or maybe, we feel overwhelmed by the speed and goal-driven motivation that is so symptomatic of modern life and would like to have an experience of something different.

I draw on my trainings and experience in tantra, yoga, psychotherapy and massage to create sessions during which I invite you to re-connect with your body and your experience of pleasure, safety and empowerment.

A session could involve breathing practices, energy work, tantric ritual, tantric massage, Taoist erotic massage, Kashmiri massage, Reichian bodywork (also known as de-armouring or trigger points massage), yoni healing, vajra healing, rosetta healing, yoni or vajra pleasuring; I also offer integral and tantra-based coaching to enhance your relationship both with yourself and with your partner outside of the session. Your intention for the session will inform what it will look like. You are always in control of how much or how little you want to challenge yourself and your boundaries will always be respected at all times.

Touch is always one-way: your job is simply to receive and to notice the sensations that you experience. Awareness of what is going on for you is a key tantric practice that we aim to cultivate. Other practices involve cultivating slowness, relaxation into high-energy states and sensitivity.

A session with me might be something you would like to experience if you:

  • want to re-connect with yourself, your feelings and your body
  • experience pain or numbness during sex
  • are recovering from an experience of trauma, such as surgery, unwanted sexual touch or childbirth
  • want to learn how to confidently state your desires and boundaries
  • want to feel more alive in yourself
  • want to experience full-body bliss states
  • want to learn to relax into goal-less states of pleasure and arousal
  • want to improve and sustain your experience of love-making
  • want to heal and improve your intimate relationships
  • want to learn techniques for building and spreading energy through the body
  • sense that there is an undefined ‘something more’ that you feel sure is available for you

I offer sessions for women, men, all genders, and couples (and can also arrange a very special couple’s session with my wife, Rose where both of you can enjoy a massage while remaining in blissful contact with each other).

Sessions are generally 2 hours but could be longer depending on the intention for the session.

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