Kalki Tantric massage Central London

Kalki offers healing, intuitive and conscious touch inspired directly by the genuine and traditional spiritual origins of tantra and taoism to help any woman discover her essential femininity. Awakening the senses, balancing the organs and energies, releasing old emotions, healing the connection between heart and sexuality, bringing awareness to the sexual energies, helping to forge positive connections with them in order to release the orgasmic potential – the energetic essence of femininity.

The role of the man in tantra means taking a loving, courageous and exemplary attitude in everything he does, with full awareness; being strong in this masculinity to allow the love, safety and security every woman needs to relax and begin to fully express her deep femininity: The sensuality, freedom, creativity, spontaneity, playfulness and earthy power that modern life so often inhibits.

You will be treated with sensitivity and respect from the moment you are welcomed. We will talk to explain a bit about tantra and how the massage works, to establish that this is your experience and that you are in total control of the boundaries, and whether there are any particular issues you would like to work on. You will then take a shower to warm-up and relax.

The massage will begin with connecting at the level of the heart in order to establish the trust and relaxation needed to fully enjoy and embrace this beautiful and nurturing experience. The body is then tenderly relaxed using gentle strokes and pressure points, and in that deepened state of relaxation where your sensuality naturally begins to stir, the energies will be awakened and amplified in the whole body through caressing and activating the many and varied female erogenous zones…

When a natural conclusion is reached, after a few moments to relax, we would then do some breathing exercises or meditation together to raise this powerful energy to more sublime levels in your being, to nourish, awaken and nurture many of the wonderful female qualities mentioned above.

I have been practising, studying and teaching yoga, tantra and massage since 2000, bringing these together in tantric massage for women since 2013.

I have found that working out of a true understanding of the fundamental polarity between the masculine and feminine archetypes brings about the possibility of profound healing and awakening in the women I treat.

Throughout the session, I work with full awareness and control over my own energies, therefore helping to polarise and awaken yours. Through the heart connection, a strong empathic link is maintained at all times allowing me to receive and follow the natural and intuitive guidance that inspires my work – my work of awakening you to your true inner nature…



I work from the beautiful central London Ecstatic Joy Temple, as pictured above, and also listed here on Tantralink.

Visit our website: tantra-temple.co.uk

For more information and bookings call/text 07972 380496 or email: kalki@tantra-temple.co.uk