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Please note: Kate offers Tantric-Taoist bodywork sessions as a holistic therapy for healing and personal growth, not as a sexual service.


Only from the Heart, can you touch the Sky’ (Rumi)

Kate supports men with overcoming intimacy and sexual challenges using authentic Tantric and Taoist (Ancient Chinese) bodywork and coaching. She also teaches Tantric techniques to support men with harnessing sexual energy (‘Jing Chi’) for self-expansion, healing and long-term health.

In addition to her client practice, she has been leading training retreats since 2017 in London and SE Asia, specialising in Tantric-Taoist bodywork for men.

Life is precious – now is the time to become more deeply yourself, and bring more love, vitality and wellbeing into your life and relationships.


London, Berlin, Cyprus & SE Asia
London practice is now open until Sept 2021


Client testimonials
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Sessions for men

Kate commonly supports men with:
Erectile dysfunction: Identifying and treating underlying causes through bodywork, coaching and self-practice exercises
Premature ejaculation: Treating both physiological and psychological factors
Emotional and physical trauma, including sexual traumas
Prostate health: Helping men with maintaining a healthy prostate gland and with prostate conditions, including post-prostate cancer
Strict cultural conditioning around sexuality: Replacing shame and guilt with empowered sexuality
Stress management: Tantric-Taoist massage for relaxation and energising the body
Sexual addictions: Looking at underlying causes of addictions in a space free from judgement
Ending of a relationship: Support with moving forward after relationship break-ups
Support for chronic health conditions: Nurturing bodywork and Tantric-Taoist techniques to relax and help energise the body
Learning Taoist-Tantric practices to separate orgasm and ejaculation: Simple practices to support longevity and virility, taught practically in sessions, and for self-practice


Session details and fees

– Free 30-min consultation via Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom for new clients.

– Introductory session: Clothes-on Tantric Healing Bodywork and Coaching: 3 hours, £200

Foundation sessions are required for some clients who have significant trauma, or prefer to remain clothed during the bodywork. Includes professional consultation and an introduction to Tantric-Taoist practices.

– Intermediate session: Tantric Healing Bodywork with Oil and Coaching: 4 hours, £300

An intermediate session bringing clients deeper into connection with their body using oil-based bodywork. Suitable for clients who prefer to receive Tantric bodywork without genital massage. Includes professional consultation and an introduction to Tantric-Taoist practices.

– Therapeutic Prostate Massage: 3 hours, £250

Ideal for men who need regular treatments to manage stress and maintain prostate health. Includes professional consultation, deep bodywork for the back of the body, and therapeutic prostate massage treatment.

– Full Session: Tantric Bodywork and Coaching session: 4.5-5 hours, £350 (£300 for 3-session package) / £300 concession during April ’21

This full-length session includes professional consultation, a long sequence of Tantric-Taoist bodywork, and genital massage (prostate, testicle and lingam massage) with a focus on therapeutic and tantric learning outcomes.


Online coaching sessions

Via WhatsApp / Skype / Zoom

– 60 min – £60
– 90 min – £80
– 5 sessions – £300 (60 min), £400 (90 min) – book 5 sessions get one FREE


– Kate is unable to offer sessions on the same day as an appointment is requested.
– A deposit is required prior to the session. This is refundable in case of illness.
– She practices within a Code of Ethical Practice including client confidentiality and non-discrimination.
– Authentic Tantra is a not sexual service. Therefore, sessions do not include ejaculation, body-to-body massage, or mutual touch. The sessions are designed to bring you into deep connection with yourself, which is the foundation of real tantric learning for men.


Please contact Kate for more details and to book a session: shankarawellbeing@gmail.com

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Client testimonials


The session with Kate was an amazing healing experience. I honestly didn’t know much what to expect but the session went far beyond any idea I could have. Since I met Kate, she gave me a whole sense of trust so I gave myself openly to fully receive without controlling or expecting any outcome. I felt the support and care from Kate which helped me a lot to relax. I discovered things about myself and the way I relate to my sexuality that surprised me gratefully. Kate was very mindful during the session to always check in with me about my boundaries. That made me feel very safe in her hands and presence. I think the safe container she builds is one of the most important keys to having such powerful results. I couldn’t recommend her more!! Thank you so much Kate! (Raphael, London)


My first session with Kate was an amazing experience. A lot happened. Sex has always been a problem for me due to a trauma that I experienced during my childhood. I’m still working on it, but Kate has provided a very safe place where I could share all my fears and insecurities without been judged. I know that there is a lot of work ahead but I am so happy that I came across her. Now I am not feeling hopeless anymore and I am actually very excited for what is yet to come (Carlos, Brazil)


I had a wonderful 5-hour therapy and bodywork session with Kate. I am at a place in my life where I am doing a lot of self-exploration and this combination of therapy, healing and bodywork appealed to me, even if I was still a little skeptical of the claims of emotional release. Well, I am skeptical no longer. Kate was able to make me feel so welcome, safe and secure that I was able to be vulnerable. Through the bodywork on my back, I was able to connect to deep memories of physical and emotional pain, which I felt safe to then release and process. I now have a strong desire to learn more about tantra and spirituality (Neil, London)

Kate is a true professional in her field, inviting, polite and welcoming in order for you to feel comfortable in this vulnerable process that is Tantric Healing Therapy. Her soft words and gentle touch, ushers you effortlessly into the Tantric world and puts you at ease right from the start of the session, in order to prepare your body to feel all the sensations and get all the benefits of this healing process, while totally relaxing your mind. For me personally it was a very transformative experience and a massive addition to the work I have been doing with other practices like psychotherapy and yoga. It was very empowering in every sense and it made me feel maturity, independence, confidence and deep connection with my sexuality. 

(Alexi, Cyprus)