Tantric massage Midlands

I am a certified sexuality professional, trained and experienced in supporting people with their intimate lives and enabling people to discover and enhance pleasure. Most of my time is spent doing therapeutic and sex education work, particularly with LGBTQ clients. I wholeheartedly welcome women and LGBTQ clients to my massage and touch services. I offer a ‘Pleasure Activist Massage’ to client groups who do not have easy access to sensual and erotic pleasure services.


I have a few precious spaces in my practice for offering pleasure-based massage and experiences to the right male clients, with whom I would enjoy having regular appointments and an ongoing professional relationship.


My reason for continuing to offer this service on a VIP basis is that I believe that there is a place for experiencing an erotic experience, and that it makes a meaningful difference to the quality of clients’ lives. In particular, at this time of social distancing, the need for touch and connection is even more heightened.


I am also told regularly about the effects of my sessions!


“You have magic hands. I always know where to come to feel completely transformed but most importantly you are a kind and skilled person and I feel safe with you”.

“It really helps to come and see someone who is intelligent and so well-informed, you make me look at sex and sexuality differently. I’ve found it very empowering”.

“As a trans person, I have found your sensitive and understanding approach and being flexible about how I feel pleasure fantastic. Great service”

“It’s like coming to a spa…I feel so relaxed, the massage is great and I have never been touched like that!”


I offer good quality, attentive, sensual touch and erotic massage where I hold space for you, your pleasure, your feelings, and you can feel cared for and nurtured in a  professional, nurturing environment. I offer ‘one-way touch’ from me to you, and I work in harem trousers and a light vest, whereas you, the client, are naked. Our focus will be dropping into your body and your sensations and really ‘being’ with pleasure. Sensation Play is integrated into my massage, and a focus is on slowing down and on not being preoccupied with any goal. Orgasm is welcome if it is a natural and flowing consequence of the intimate massage (including the possibility of genital massage and anal massage).


So, is it right for you?


I am happy to consider working with clients who;

–          Have a desire to be in their bodies, and with their feelings, sensations and arousal.

–          Resonate which what is written here and recognise that what is on offer is valuable.

–          Value mutual consent and honour the boundaries of my service as described here.

–          Understand that the focus is on being in the present moment in the experience of sensual touch and connection, and not on erotic entertainment or BDSM/roleplay.

–          Appreciate that this kind of session often is complementary to counselling, therapeutic work and making changes to your life in positive directions.

–          Want to feel they are in a safe, trusting and honest connection with their practitioner and are able to engage in this.


I work from my safe, calm, clean base in Leicester, Midlands, which has great transport links from M1 and M69.


Are you interested in becoming one of my VIPs?

The first thing to do is email me on lizrebelle@gmail.com, tell me who you are and what you are looking for. You will then be offered times in which I will be free for a call. We will have a 20-30 min (free) call in which we will discover whether we are a good fit to work together. We can then make a first 1.5-2 hour appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.