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Lorraine Crookes is an international speaker, best-selling author, educator and founder of Orgasmic Life.


For over two decades, Lorraine lived an alternative, secret, double life. The dread of how others would receive her alternative lifestyle lead to years of depression and anxiety, and at times made her very ill. Balancing her career as a secondary school teacher and alternative secret ‘sex’ life, created a deep sense of fear and shame. In 2016, it all became too much…


Lorraine handed in her notice, left teaching and embarked on a long journey of self-discovery. After many insights and revelations, Lorraine now lives her passion and purpose having realised her ‘secret life’ and inner turmoil was indeed, her greatest gift to the world.  Now known as The Sexual Empowerment Liberator and Bedroom Confidence Coach, Lorraine is a much sought-after expert in her field.

Lorraine has won numerous accolades for her contribution to society and service to others. She has a B.A. (Honours) degree in ‘Lifelong Learning’, multiple qualifications in education and training, and a qualified practitioner in multiple holistic and healing practices.


Lorraine offers Tantric Massage and Sacred Connection at the Kent Well-being Hub (ME8 8PQ). It is a beautiful space with an amazing energy and conveniently situated next to a Travelodge for those traveling.


Lorraine’s heartfelt passion for sexual empowerment has profoundly transformed the lives of thousands of individuals who have felt challenged or disconnected from their sexual energy, relationships, body trauma, abuse, medical conditions, and sexuality.


As a believer that our ability to connect to sexual energy reflects in every area of our life, Lorraine is a revolutionary who is now leading a global platform to support millions of people worldwide to be empowered in their sexual energy.


BOOK A TANTRIC SESSION/S  – https://lorri.kartra.com/calendar/YNseQb1zSvCp

BEDROOM CONFIDENCE COACHING – https://orgasmiclife.me/boosting-bedroom-confidence/

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Thank you for my appointment today. It is always a space I can escape the day-to-day life stress, enjoying a 1-2-1 environment and be me. The power of your touch and how you move energy enlightens the soul and I have really started to understand mine more.  It’s an amazing space where I can relax and be open in a personal environment, confidentiality is also an advantage. MARK BROWN

“Just before Christmas, I treated myself to a tantric massage with the fabulous Lorraine Crookes. For most of you, tantric brings Sting to mind and SEX!! He famously shared in an interview that he practised tantric massage with his wife for hours on end. But, let me tell you, it is far more than sex. In fact, it isn’t about sex at all. It is about having a voice, being heard, being witnessed and connecting with yourself on the deepest level. What I experienced is beyond words. It is totally about consent, the giving of, and receiving of, consent. To simply receive is truly magical and something that rarely happens, especially if you are a mum, partner and your work is supporting others. Lorraine creates the most nurturing space. She explains everything, you have a choice about everything. I laughed, I cried, I relaxed in a way that I never have before in my life. It truly was the most fabulous experience, if you are remotely interested, intrigued or tempted, hesitate no more. Lorraine is a Goddess herself and for those few hours, so was I”   SAMANTHA SELBY

“This was one of the most relaxing and memorable experiences of my life. I was quite nervous before going to see Lorri as I had no idea what to expect. We had a chat and she put me at ease. I enjoyed the Shelki Healing which was indeed a mind-body experience. I felt so connected and at peace with myself and became more aware of my body. Anyone thinking of having a Shelki Healing I would highly recommend it – I will definitely be returning”. IVON WHITMORE

My time with Lorri provides a safe space for me to be the real me. Living life as a transgender male can be difficult and Lorri provides me a space to explore who i am both in my physical body and my thoughts. She is accepting on every level and at no point did I feel shame or judgment. Lorri is an excellent massage therapist and healer. ANDREA

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