Tantric massage North West London


I am offering tantric massages at a special rate whilst completing my certification in Transformational tantra massage. Sessions are typically 2h.

I will receive you in a lovely studio in North West London, where I will create a safe and intimate space for you, so you can be yourself. The session will be co-created with you, taking into account boundaries, wishes, and intentions for the session(s).

I work with movement, breath, and touch. A typical session may include some movement to activate and awaken the body, some eye gazing, conscious breathing, and a massage. The intention is to activate your vital energy so it can circulate through your body, making you feel more alive and relaxed, helping you reach estates of expanded consciousness.

tantric massage London


I am completing my certification in Transformational Tantra massage, part of the school “The Paths of Transformation” founded by John Hawken. I also have experience with working with the wheel of consent by Dr Betty Martin and I am a qualified NLP practitioner.

If you would like to find out more or to book a session, please contact me by email on:


Looking forward to meeting you soon