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Welcome to intimacy and relationship coaching – with a tantric, transformational approach.


Are you ready to make a new, bold commitment to yourself and your partner?
Are you longing to transform your life and love life from the inside out?


In the current state of the world, our natural cycles of togetherness have been disrupted. Many of us have been either alone or hemmed in together over long periods, at the detriment of our emotional, physical and energetic connections. Our fractures and friction points have been exposed, individually and collectively, perhaps more than ever before.


  • Do you suffer in your life and relationships, feeling estranged and unfulfilled?
  • Do you have issues with self-love, relating, and communicating?
  • Are you and your partner struggling to connect?
  • Do you find yourself in perpetual crisis and conflict?
  • Are you stuck in a sexless relationship?
  • Has emotional intimacy become absent?
  • Do you struggle to speak, share, live your Truth?
  • Do you yearn to truly connect – to yourself, your partner, others?
  • Do you long to grow?
  • Do you ask yourself: ‘Is this it?’, and do you wonder about what untapped potential life might have to offer?
  • Would you like to learn more about yourself, about Tantra, embodiment, intimate touch and conscious sexuality?
  • Would you like to embark on your hero’s journey of personal transformation, and long for a compassionate and competent guide and ally?


If you said yes to any of the above and would like to explore this further, I would be delighted in getting to know you.

My name is Nico, and I work with individuals and couples who are seeking transformation and self-development around intimate and relational issues.
As a certified Deep Coach and Sexological Bodyworker with over 6 years experience in Tantric and Shamanic facilitation, as well as a trainee Psychotherapist, intimacy and relationship coaching is a passion of mine.
I love helping my clients discover who they really are, and step into new, more beautiful, exciting and fulfilling realities in their life and togetherness.

We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be, and life has so much more to offer!

And we are not alone.


I work in a bespoke way, offering pay-as-you-go sessions, rituals, packages and day retreats, online and in-person, on a sliding scale.
Feel free to get in touch to arrange for a complimentary clarity call to discuss your situation and the possibilities of working with me.

I look forward to hearing from you!