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All too often, Tantra is misinterpreted and overly sexualized. It’s true that tantric massage is sensual and you can experience blissful states of pleasure and arousal. But that expanding energy is actually opening up the energy body to develop a whole new way of being. Tantra is a heart-centred practice which supports us in changing the way we interact with the world; to promote more loving responses to life situations and people around us. An authentic Tantric Massage will help you get out of your head and into your heart, so your heart then becomes the gateway to your true sense of self.

Tantra has changed my life to my benefit and the benefit of those around me. I didn’t realise how programmed I was to react to life according to a set of cultural norms. I was inclined to be judgemental, quick to blame and too easily annoyed. As a result, I was lacking in peace, love and joy. I realised that all that destructive energy was a product of my life experiences and conditioned mind; full of values and beliefs that I did not choose. Our essence nature, the divine within us, is actually peace, love and joy but my energy body was stuck in the lower chakras of survival.

Transformational Tantra Massage opened up my energy body. I released tension and allowed energy to flow freely through me. I felt love and compassion in my heart and started listening to my inner wisdom and intuition. I felt a connection with all life around me that was calming and made sense. I changed my language from ‘you should’ to ‘I prefer’. So much more peace, love and joy now. If life doesn’t go to plan; that’s OK. What’s meant to be, will be. Acceptance is so much healthier than Anger.

It’s my observation that many people can go through life, reacting to situations with mostly destructive energy emotions. They become stressed and unhappy and those around them become stressed and unhappy as well. They appear to be surviving vs. thriving. I will offer a tantric massage that has the potential to ‘transform’ from these low energy emotions to high-energy emotions. To feel more love in their heart and less anxiety in their belly. To let go of judgements, inhibitions and constraints that keep them small and contracted. To discard negative feelings of guilt, shame and worry. To surrender to the energy of tantric massage and feel whole body aliveness that triggers responses from the heart and a new zest for life. To run ahead, on your own path, guided by your essence nature rather than your controlling mind.

Underpinning all my work will be to create a safe, non-judgemental space where you can relax and feel free to be what you want to be. Relaxation and trust are cornerstones of healing and transformation. My intention is to give clients an opportunity to go through relaxation into who they really are. To connect to true self and spirit, and move towards feeling more peace, love and joy in their life.

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My practice operates on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and all proceeds go to my charity Lincs2Nepal.