South west tantric massage therapist

Quinky – Sensual kinkster & Tantric mentor – South West UK


‘Quinky’s sessions can literally change your life’ (Lisa/Phil 2011)


As a mature practitioner and teacher of conscious touch, intimacy and erotic awakening for over 2 decades Quinky is still described as, amongst other things, ‘a most warm loving presence of erotic awakening’. 

Grounded in life itself as their spiritual path their passion is to hold people safely in exploration and expansion of all aspects of erotic expression within consensual and negotiated boundaries. With the intention of inviting you to live totally truthfully passionately from a place of pure prolonged pleasure, you are invited to touch your edge of optimum engagement in all things sensual and erotic whilst being held in warm loving embrace. 


‘This person knows their stuff”. (Chris  NZ)

tantric massage south west uk

The founder of Tantrapure-international (2004-2018) and Massage for Lovers (2006-15) they have shared the teachings of embodied tantric practice and sensual intimacy with thousands of individuals and couples across the globe. Academic and professional qualifications include Msc Psychosexual & Relationship Counselling,  BA(hons) including Diversity, sexuality and Law, Sexuality and Pathology, The ungendered life. Hakomi Body Centred Therapy. Kink as a Lifestyle (1999), Like a Pro Urban tantra training, Wheel of consent, and currently undertaking Trauma-informed training. 

tantric massage south west

Passionate about anti-discriminatory practice and inclusion Quinky identifies as Queer & kinky (hence Quinky) and welcomes all respectful discerning folk regardless of sameness & difference, to step into the unknown potential of their sensual erotic pleasure and personal power. 


Current offerings include:


Held in loving embrace: A clothed comforting session of warm tender holding and shared intimate connection. An allowance of body softening and moulding together through letting go of expectation, slowing down, breathing deeply and opening to the felt sense of being loved. Essential for maintaining good health and well-being – reducing anxiety, tension, feelings of isolation and loneliness.  Co-regulates trauma response and enhances life-affirming safety within. ‘Yes I felt aroused, but it was strongest in my chest’ (Bill) 


Awakening sensual eros – breath and touch-based energy awakening for couples and individuals wanting to awaken and deepen into loving sensual erotic intimacy – with self or other. ‘The most intimate experience ever -and we’ve been married 16 years!’ (J&J). ‘I think I die and go to heaven each time your fingers dance across my body’ (Alex)


Feathers Floggers & Fluff: An exploration of all things sensual and ‘kinky’. Suitable for beginners and those wishing to step into a deeper exploration of sensation, surrender, boundaries, erotic expansion, non-genital focused pure prolonged pleasure. ‘Perfect for letting go, building trust and learning to ask for what you want. Eroticism at its best’. (John). ‘I learned to identify which things bring comfort or playfulness,  sensual pleasure or erotic arousal, and how to ask for them clearly without shame’ (Katie) 


All offerings can be for learning or pleasure and can be one-off or an ongoing journey.

Please know YOU are in choice in EVERY moment.