tantric massage central London

Rachael is passionate about exploring ways in which to keep the mind, body and spirit in healthy balance and to expand further the capacity for joy and pleasure that we hold within. She embraces the path of love and the power of conscious touch and connection to heal, awaken and transform.


Practicing holistic massage since 1991, Rachael understands the importance of working with a client’s energetic and emotional body as well as their physical body. She has experienced and studied under the guidance of a variety of wonderful and inspirational teachers including Steve and Lokita Carter of The Institute for Ecstatic Living based in California, Margot Anand who is the creator of SkyDancing tantra and the Love and Ecstacy training, and the OshoMiasto centre in Italy. She has been involved in the healing arts for over 12 years. Tantra has touched deeply and continues to be a source of transformation in her own life.


Rachael offers tantric massage, tantra practices and methods, as well as exploration of heart-centered sexuality, meditation and breath awareness sessions.


A few of the reasons why people are motivated to book a session include:


~ To deepen connection between mind, body, emotions and spirit.

~ Bring or revitalize intimacy within relationships.

~ Heal the relationship with their body image and sexuality.

~ Bring and expand pleasure into their life.

~ Needing to connect with their sexual energy – their sense of aliveness.

~ Wanting to release old patterns, habits or sexual blocks.

~ A curiosity or desire to explore something new within themselves.


Sessions are provided for women, men, individuals and couples and take place in Maida Vale, London.


For further information or to book a session, please visit my website: