Tantric 4 hands Yorkshire


Four Hands, Two combined energies, working in sync with over three decades of experience in the field of energetic work, body work, physical and emotional release and yoga. In this unique massage we tend to your needs together in unison to give you what has been described to us by previous clients as “an outer body experience”. Having two people tend to your needs at once leaves you with little choice but to surrender to the moment and fully let go and embrace what comes up for you.


What to expect
Once you arrive for your tantra session you will be greeted warmly and from the heart by both of us. We will take the time to allow our energies to connect, and to make sure we get a feel for what you need, and what potential blocks you ay have, and would like us to work on. We will then begin with a meeting ritual, waking up your senses, connecting all of your energy systems, quietening the mind and bringing you into your body. Each session is very individual, depending on who shows up and what is needed, also what comes through in the session. But we include practices involving full bodywork, ritual, hot towel massage, oil massage, body release, body to body contact, different types of touch, energy, breathwork, vibration, sounding and word/mantra speaking as part of the session. It’s a real devotional practice where every single inch of the body is cared for and nurtured and brought back to full function and given new life.

What we specialise in

Connecting you back to your sexual energy and personal potential

Connecting you back to your body and your heart

Connecting you back to your power and purpose

Issues with Physical Pain Eating Disorders, and other destructive behaviours and patterns


Experience a richer more fulfilling energy

Heal past traumas

Find more meaning in sexuality

To overcome a fear of intimacy

Creating spiritual experiences, releasing the pain of feeling seperate, feel more alive and whole

To access spiritual experiences, altered state and elevate the state of consciousness

To explore Tantra

Working with energy to move what is stagnant, and leave you feeling lighter


Skill Set

Yogi Master

Reiki Practitioner

NLP Practitioner


Personal Stretch Specialist

Journey Work

Dance Therapy

Singing, Sound Therapy




Indian Head Massage

Yorkshire 4 hands massage


We tend to both male and female clients and specific to what each individual needs