tantric massage cheshire


Breathwork is the art and science of teaching breath awareness for enhancing the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual condition.  Breathwork offers fantastic support therapy to tantra. It can be directed to release any blockages that inhibit our path to pleasure.


Sabriah is a highly qualified Tantric Practitioner specializing in Breathwork, Neurolinguistic programming, Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Since 1990, Sabriah studied Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan  University,   NLP  practitioner with Tony Robbins in America and qualified as a Breathwork practitioner and emotional release therapy with the People Development Company in Belgium. Also Anger management, Stress management Techniques and Health and nutrition.


since 2000 Sabriah has qualified in psychotherapy and counseling skills at Manchester College and as a tantric practitioner with Shakti Tantra UK.


During a session the breath is used to direct and enhance the body’s energy to aid release and promote healing.  The practice is one of the most powerful approaches to self-exploration. Within a safely held environment, a client is coached to utilize their own breath combined with music to enter a deeper and expanded unique state of consciousness.  This state induces its own inner healing process.  The body will gently release what it needs to.  While recurring themes are common, no sessions are alike. The completed process leaves the client with increased clarity and self-awareness, free of inhibition and better able to discover all the riches that tantra offers.


On initial contact I would arrange a telephone consultation free of charge.  From this I will prepare an individual treatment session or course of sessions:

Fees are £100 per hour (minimum 2h booking).


Please feel free to contact me by email for any clarity or questions. All email me on sabriahtantra@outlook.com. Do not fear there are no judgments here all communication is held with upmost confidentiality, Breathwork can help all fears, body issues, judgments of self and any pain and discomfort you are in whether it is in your mind, your physical body or your emotions.  Breathwork is here to heal all sessions are held with empathy and complete understanding and unconditional positive regard.